For Your Custom Heating Needs

Tubular Heaters

Fashioning electric heaters to suit the specific needs of a variety of industrial contexts is impossible, which is why custom design is a popular choice and therefore an option available at most electric heater manufacturing facilities. One of the more commonly customized electric heater models is the tubular heater, a heating device that is best known for its tube shape and faviconability to be immersed in liquid without damage. The main reason it is often customized has to do with its ability to fit into systems that are already built and being used, requiring more specific dimensions then are usually designed in standard forms.

Tubular heaters also have the ability to wrap themselves into a variety of shapes without decreasing the amount of heat they produce. This means that it is a very efficient heater and easy to customize while retaining its sturdiness. For example, animal breeders and zoos have been known to purchase custom tubular heaters to install safely within the cages of animals during winter. The shape and flexibility of tubular heaters allows them to be fit into the cage without any risk of the animal getting burned. Another non-traditional use of tubular heaters that requires customized models involves the injection molded plastic industry, which often involves customized machines that therefore need custom heaters to ensure the plastic is molten so that it can be molded.

The food industry also uses tubular heaters, the specifics varying according to the types of food and liquids that need heating as well as the space requirements of the environment. Some food processing equipment is used to sterilize products and therefore requires heat that can be controlled to precise degrees, since too much can harm the food and too little won’t get the sterilizing done. Whatever your industry and whatever your application requires, tubular heaters can be fashioned to suit your needs.