Using a Thermocouple as a Candy Thermometer

Thermocouple Instruments

A high temperature thermocouple is capable of measuring temperatures up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit or even hotter. While these units have such a wide temperature range, they are still inexpensive, and many people can use them at home for accurate temperature measuring for anything from the temperature of their engine to the temperature of the oven. One fun use for a high temperature thermocouple is as a modified candy thermometer. Using a thermocouple is often more accurate than real candy or kitchen thermometers, which will help you produce perfect candy every time.
To get a reading from your thermocouple, you have to attach the thermocouple connector to a small, handheld multimeter. Usually there are two slots that the connector can fit inside. The multimeter will help you read the temperature readings in Fahrenheit or Celsius, if that is what you prefer.
Prepare candy molds and spray them with cooking spray to prevent the candy from sticking to the molds.
Mix your candy mixture according to your recipe and turn on the heat on the stove. Most hard candy is made from a mixture of sugar, corn syrup, and water. Place the thermocouple directly into the candy mixture. Do not touch the sides or bottom of the pan for a more accurate reading.
Remove the candy from the heat once it reaches 300 degrees. Allow the candy to cool for a few seconds and wait for it to stop bubbling. Pour in your desired color and flavor.
Pour the hot candy into the molds. Tap the molds on the counter gently to remove any air bubbles. Allow the candy to cool to room temperature before removing from the molds. Remove the candy while it is still somewhat flexible to prevent cracking and breaking. Allow the candy to cool completely before packaging and eating.