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Precise Temperature Control with BV Thermal Systems’ Chillers.

Since 1980, BV Thermal Systems, a division of Budzar Industries, has designed and fabricated precision chillers and fluid to fluid heat exchangers for a range of industries. Our focus on creating close relationships with our customers has cultivated a vast knowledge of each industry’s requirements and enables us to provide superior solutions. Along with custom solutions, we offer standard models of varying temperature ranges including standard temperature, low temperature, and extended temperature. With BV Thermal, you can count on precise temperature control.

Unmatched Reliability with Siemens Process Instrumentation

Over 165 years ago Werner von Siemens started what is now Siemens AG. Siemens is a global powerhouse concentrating on areas of process instrumentation such as pressure, temperature, flow, and level measurement. Our company consists of around 348,000 employees in almost every country in the world. Furthermore, we operate in 289 manufacturing facilities and generated revenues of €75.6 billion in 2015. Our size allows us to offer an innovative portfolio of solutions to our customers worldwide.

All Filters LLC Is A True One-Stop Shop

All Filters LLC is a leading online retailer of numerous filtration products. We are a one-stop shop for all your air and liquid filtration needs thanks to our many services and constantly updated inventory. We offer one of the largest and best selections of filtration products and top-of-the-line customer service to provide the best online shopping experience.

Fluid Industrial Manufacturing, Inc. Offers Superior Chiller Design and Services

Fluid Industrial Manufacturing is a leading pioneer in the Heat Transfer and Fluid Dynamic industries. For over 35 years we have combined our experience and engineering excellence to custom design, engineer, manufacture, and install Process Chillers and Heat exchangers for any application. Our experienced staff specializes in the production of custom-built compressor chillers, offering best-in-class process chiller design and manufacturing services.

Shelco Filters Sets the Standard for the Industry.

Since 1973, Shelco Filters has offered an extensive line of innovative and cost-effective filters as well as housings. We have committed many years of research and development to fabricate superior filtration solutions. Ranging from industrial and high purity sanitary filter housings to industrial, high-efficiency filter cartridges, our products are distributed all over the world. Each of our systems is suitable for a broad range of applications and set the standard for the industry.

TEMPEST: Durability in Every Design

TEMPEST, Inc. is an international manufacturer of engineered industrial chillers and heat transfer systems. Our engineering department is experienced in manufacturing the best industrial refrigeration, chillers, heat transfer and fluid pumping systems. Our design team uses state of the art programs to incorporate energy conservation, heat recovery and central control to provide peak efficiencies. At TEMPEST we design systems to serve a multitude of industries, including chemical and industrial manufacturers, pharmaceutical, rubber, food processing and ice rinks to name a few.

Dimplex Thermal Solutions: Solving Your Chilling Needs

Dimplex Thermal Solutions is the leading provider of choice for custom and standard chilling solutions in industrial chillers, liquid chillers, medical chillers, and many more. We have the ability to build a reliable system to cool any type of liquid, in any equipment, to any specification. Our chillers are engineered and built with the most reliable components and quality workmanship you can trust.

Providing Engineered Solutions for Process and Steam.

John C. Ernst is a leading manufacturer of level and flow instrumentation for process and steam control. The products we manufacture include flow meters, valves, glass gaskets, totalizers, eductors flow switches and level switches. Our flow meter sizes range from 1/8 inches to 8 inches. We work closely with our clients and help them select the correct flow meter for their applications. Our process entails writing a flow specification, which covers the use of the meter to help determine the most suitable meter for your project. Some of the flow meters we offer include vane and piston, shuttle type, digital totalizer for water and fuel, digital flow meter and totalizer for aluminum, nylon, and stainless steel, and mechanical & digital flow meters for threaded and wafer uses.

We can help solve your toughest flow and pressure challenges.

Porter Instrument Division of Parker Hannifin is an ISO 9001:2008 certified global supplier and manufacturer of mass flow controllers, flow meters, rotameters, and other flow control products for the precise measurement and control of gases and liquids. We also have flow measurement and control products that conform to most widely acknowledged global quality certificates such as CE, UL Class I Division2, ATEX Zone 2, IECex, and ROHS. Located in Hartfeild PA, our 54,000 square foot headquarters houses our fully integrated manufacturing facility and highly trained staff.

Top Manufacturer of Vacuum Systems in America.

National Turbine Corporation has been in Business since 1991 and we manufacture the highest quality air and gas handling blowers and exhausters, central vacuum systems and accessories to meet the most demanding system requirements. We combine top quality equipment with personal attention to your specific needs to provide you with the products and systems best suited to your unique application requirements.

B.E. Peterson Inc: Pressure Vessel Specialists

B.E. Peterson, Inc. has been a full service metal fabrication company since 1935. Our company is located in Avon, Massachusetts, and known around the world for being specialists in pressure vessel fabrication and design. From our beginning we have been setting the standard for custom metal fabrication. Our company is housed in a spacious 90,000 square foot facility where we are able to fabricate large-scale, custom metal fabrication products as well as provide value added services. B.E. Peterson, Inc. is focused on quality and is an ISO 9001:2008 and ASME certified company.

General Air Products: “Quality and Service Since 1936”

General Air Products is an experienced leader in the process cooling and compressed air equipment industries. Since our inception in 1936, our company has manufactured and engineered exceptional water cooled chillers, medical chillers, heat exchangers, pumping systems, and other fluid handling equipment. We carry a huge selection of standard fluid handling equipment, but we really specialize in custom and special products. A staff of expert engineers is always ready to work with customers to provide outstanding solutions to some of the most challenging requirements and applications. It is no wonder our company lives by the motto “Quality and Service Since 1936.”

SAF-T-FLO Industries: Couplers for Demanding Applications

SAF-T-FLO Industries is an industry leading manufacturer of quick disconnect couplers. We primarily serve the military industry, but our products can be utilized in any application with demanding coupling requirements. These products are put to the test daily in commercial and military aircraft systems, land based vehicles, and ship and hovercraft systems, so they must be held to the highest standards. For this reason our quick disconnect couplings all meet the specifications of AS25427 for 600 psi and 3000 psi applications.

Advantages of Spring Displacer Switches

A displacer level switch is a type of level switch that works by displacement. Displacer switches have a variety of variations, including a special kind of switch for use with containers that have surface wave action. This kind of switch is ideal for use in sumps, tanks, and containers where there is a smaller variation in liquid level. This design uses a spring to activate the switch rather than a float actuator. These switches are also idea for use with liquids that also contain solid particles.

Fuel Sensors Explained

A fuel level sensor is a level switch that helps identify the remaining amount of fuel in a container. Most vehicles use fuel level sensors to determine the amount of fuel remaining in a vehicle. This is an important sensor that helps many people know when to fill up their vehicles to avoid disaster along the road. Some level switches manufacturers focus exclusively on fuel sensors, but others make a variety of switches, including fuel sensors. A fuel sensor is a fascinating piece of equipment that uses a few basic principles to work properly.

Should You Use High Level Switches?

In most cases, factories have the chance to choose between a high level switch or a transmitter for applications where both sensors can be used. For example, a factory could use both a high level switch or a transmitter to sound an alarm if the level of a liquid gets too high. So when both systems can be used, which is better for the job?

Controlling Liquids with RF Sensors

A capacitance level sensor is a level sensor that operates off of radio frequencies. They are often called RF level sensors, as an abbreviation for radio frequency. They are sometimes also referred to as admittance level sensors. These sensors detect the level of a material based on the alternating current circuit that changes along with the level of the liquid or material. These sensors are highly useful for measurement readings where accuracy is extremely important, such as when measuring molten metal or other dangerous liquids or chemicals. A capacitance level sensor has a variety of applications, such as:

Capacitance Level Sensors Uncovered

Capacitance level sensors, also called RF or radio frequency sensors, are sensors that detect the level of a liquid or substance based on the differences between the frequency the sensor emits with the amount of AC circuit current the sensor receives back from the material inside the container. The differences in the two frequencies can identify the level of the liquid or material inside the container. Capacitance level sensors are highly useful in measuring the level of critical materials, such as when a liquid has a chance of overflowing or dropping below a safe level.

Customization Options for Chambered Switches

A chambered level switch is a level switch contained inside a sealed chamber housing. These switches are used for applications where the metal components of the switch cannot touch the base material. The switches are used for measuring and controlling the liquid level of different materials, such as in transmission lines and large liquid holding tanks.