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Kinetic Die Casting Company: A Veteran Owned Company

Aluminum die cast parts produced by Kinetic Die Casting Company can be stronger than steel. Kinetic Die Casting Company is a part diecaster of lower priced, better quality aluminum die cast parts, sometimes also known as castings, aluminum part castings, high pressure part die castings, or aluminum diecastings. High pressure die casting is a process we use to make aluminum die cast parts. We inject molten aluminum alloy metal under pressure into a steel die to produce aluminum parts. Diecasting is a very inexpensive aluminum part manufacturing process.

Imperial Casting Company, Inc. Keeping Castings in America

Imperial Casting Company, Inc., was started in 1970 in Florence, Alabama. In a day when many castings are produced in Mexico or China, Imperial Casting Company is one of the few foundries left in this great country. We are proud to still be producing quality gray iron castings competitively for the American industry. We have helped American Manufacturers buy American made products and bring their castings to the USA for better delivery.

Crown Die Casting Corporation: Over 35 Years in the Die Casting Industry

For over 35 years Crown Die Casting Corporation has been providing versatile and quality die casting services. Our services include part and mold design, in-house tooling, die casting, trimming, CNC machining, and vibratory tumbling. Our greatest strength is our precision die casting and CNC machining. We even offer 3D model designs to ensure that you get what you really need. Our seasoned professions offer better designs and more desirable products than our competitors. We will always offer accurate machine work and die casting to ensure you get what you need the most.

Ferralloy Offering Investment Casting and Forgings for Metalworking Customer Base

Ferralloy has established itself as one of the leaders in the investment castings and forgings industries since 1978. We have sustained our successful business by developing high quality products, providing exceptional services, and delivering on time at a competitive price. Ferralloy is committed to providing the metalworking industry with castings, fabrications, forgings, machining, and various other products and services. We are constantly improving upon the manufacturing process, while managing our staff to support the ever changing industry.

Clifford-Jacobs Forging – Over a Century of Forging Experience

Since 1919 Clifford-Jacobs Forging has been setting the industry standard for quality, performance, craftsmanship, and customer service. We have become leaders in the field and experts in the die forgings industry, from commercial to industrial, to military and mining applications. With over a century of experience, Clifford-Jacobs prides itself on maintaining strong business management, regular equipment upgrades and repair, and improvement on all aspects of our company. We know the industry, and our culture fosters dedication to our clients’ needs and expectations.

A Company Growing Within the Forging Industry

What started in a 20 x 20 garage has blossomed into one of the best businesses in the metal forging industry. Ken Forging has been in the business for over 45 years and we are proud to say that we are one of the leading manufacturers in the forging business. We are now in a much larger facility, 250,000 square feet to be exact with a 12,000 square foot packaging and shipping area.

Rimer Enterprises, Inc: Investment Casting Leaders

Rimer Enterprises, Inc. is a dedicated leader in the investment casting industry. We are located in Waterville, Ohio and serve a multitude of industries. Our company boasts over 60 years of experience and our own tooling shop with state-of-the-art machines. Our complete investment casting capabilities produce top quality results to meet each of our customer’s unique and specific needs. From start to finishing our management team and skilled engineers work to provide the best service possible while still controlling the cost of the products.

United Global Sourcing: Meeting Your Needs Here and There

United Global Sourcing has offices in both the United States and overseas in Shanghai and Hong Kong, this allows us to better simplify the overseas production process by getting rid of the barriers that come with it. The time zone, language and cultural barriers are no longer a problem when working with United Global Sourcing. From forgings to castings, you can look to us to provide you with high quality products.

Kovatch Castings: Premium Quality Investment Castings

Kovatch Castings offers more than just investment castings, we offer the highest dedication to quality in the business. We make it our mission to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations and to form partnerships rather than just business transactions. We believe in the philosophy that “any idea can become a reality in metal”, and we use our expertise and extensive knowledge of alloys and castings to make your ideas a reality.

Fountaintown Forge: High Quality Forgings for Over 35 Years

Fountaintown Forge is a leading open-die forging company and has been serving our customers since 1969. Our clients come from a variety of different industries including aerospace, military suppliers and industrial manufacturers. We are known for our high quality forgings and we are both ISO 9001:2008 certified, as well as AS9100:2009 certified.

A&B Die Casting: Precision Die Casting

A&B Die Casting is a global industry leader in precision aluminum and zinc die castings. We got our start in 1945 by Ben Danthe and today we continue to be a family owned company located in Hercules, California. We focus on producing low to medium volumes of high quality products at competitive prices. Our employees have a flexible, can-do attitude and take on challenging jobs that other die companies turn away. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, we focus on providing high quality products and innovative solutions for all of our customer’s needs.

Making Monuments from Wax

Wax casting is an ancient casting process that facilitates the process of creating thousands of objects each day. A huge variety of objects are manufactured with wax casting, from toilets to delicate figurines. What many people may not realize, however, is that wax casting is also used to make monuments and statues for decorative purposes, especially for large-scale monuments including war monuments and any other statue with a high level of detail.

IQS Featured Profile: Modern Aluminum Castings Co, Inc.

Since our start in1919, Modern Aluminum Castings Co, Inc. has been a leader in the aluminum castings industry. We have developed into the one stop source for aluminum castings that come in a large number of varieties. You can rely on Modern Aluminum Casting’s for your complete finishing needs. Modern Aluminum Casting’s business is built on traditional craftsmanship, and backed by our skilled and knowledgeable employees. This impressive combination of skill and technology leads to our customers receiving the best experience and products that go above and beyond their expectations.

Is Titanium a Viable Metal Choice?

Titanium is one of the most expensive metals available for industrial use, but still, factories all over the world continue to use a large amount of titanium for uses for everything from creating computer parts to manufacturing airplane hulls. So what is it that makes titanium so expensive and why do factories continue to use it?

Commercial Uses for Titanium

Titanium investment casting is the process of using a mold to create shaped pieces from titanium. Titanium is used in a variety of applications, although it is most famous for its use in airplanes, spaceships, and jewelry. However, many traditional commercial products have titanium or titanium alloy parts and pieces that help the products work daily.