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DieQua Corporation Offers Unsurpassed Selection and Customer Service

When DieQua Corporation was established in 1980 we offered a single product line. We have now expanded our business to include an unparalleled variety of gearboxes, speed reducers, and connecting components. Our top priority is to offer premium quality products that deliver reliable performance with unique designs. We strive to always obtain the latest innovative technology in the industries we serve. We manufacture and assemble most of the products we offer, allowing flexibility for delivery as well as prototyping. Our expert team can help you find the right product for your application.

Types of Gear Materials

As most people know, gearboxes are designed to increase the output torque or speed of a motor. The shaft of the motor attaches to the gearbox and creates a specific output speed and torque that is pre-determined by the gear ratio.

Basic Speed Reducer Designs

A speed reducer is a necessary component in most mechanical, hydraulic, electric, and biological motors. The speed reducer slows down the rotations in the engine by increasing the torque on the engine with a series of gears. Without the regulating-boosting power of speed reducers and torque, the speed of the engine would be nearly impossible to stop at high speeds. The main purpose of a speed reducer is to achieve the ideal rotation speed for the ideal function of a particular engine. Since there are so many different kinds of engines, speed reducer manufacturers have created a large variety of speed reducers to use with each engine type.