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Precise Powder Metal Parts from Webster-Hoff

Webster-Hoff, located in Glendale Heights, IL, is an experienced manufacturer of powdered metal parts. Founded in 1971, we are dedicated to providing high quality products every time. We can handle low, medium, and high-volume orders with precise repeatability. We have won numerous P/M Part of the Year awards, which testifies to our innovativeness and skill. Moreover, the customers that chose to work with us year after show that we are reliable and trustworthy.

Cada Stainless & Alloys

Founded in 1981, and located in Chester, New York, Cada Stainless & Alloys has been a trusted distributor of stainless steel strip and coil for over 36 years. We stock over two million pounds of tempered stainless steel coil on the floor at any time. We are a proud to be ISO 9001:2008 certified stocking distributor. Specializing in 420 stainless steel, we also handle all of the basic grades of stainless such as 201, 301, 302, 304, 304-L, 316, 316-L, 430, 434, 436 and 410. Available alloys also include nickel and titanium.

For Outstanding Powder Metal Parts, Look No Further Than Perry Tool & Research

Perry Tool & Research has manufactured superior Powder Metal Parts for OEM companies since 1962. We use a Powder Metallurgy (P/M) process to produce complex, precision metal parts. We have over 50 years of excellent service and this has often made us the only resource for a part when competitors are unable to produce quality parts in sufficient numbers. All of our parts are inspected to a minimum Cpk of 1.33 which allows us to deliver directly to many stock or assembly operations without an incoming inspection.

TPI Powder Metallurgy, Inc.: Engineering You Can Trust

TPI Powder Metallurgy has been designing and manufacturing powder metal parts for over 40 years. We specialize in manufacturing custom tooling, fixtures, gages and parts for our customer’s specific requirements. TPI Powder operates out of three facilities, allowing us the capability to offer production machining services for a variety of materials and precision machining services.

The What and Why of Aluminized Steel Sheets

Aluminized steel sheets are sheets of steel treated with an aluminum-silicon alloy. This causes the aluminum and steel to bond that gives the metal unique properties of both metals. Aluminized steel has a higher corrosion resistance and can hold the properties of steel in strength and durability under temperatures less than 800 Celsius. Usually, the steel is used in water heaters, furnaces, heat exchangers, vehicle mufflers, ovens, fireplaces, barbecue grills, stoves, corrugated roofing, air conditioning housing, drying ovens, building siding, storage bins, and baking pans.

Why You Should Use Specialized Metal Service Centers

A metal service center typically buys metal from a metal foundry or other metal manufacturing plant and then re-sells it to specific industries. Usually, metal service centers shape and tool the metal into a usable form for the final customer. The reason that these service centers exist is to prevent the metal manufacturing company from having to keep all of the metal shaping and processing equipment in one location. This allows metal manufacturing plants to focus purely on metal creation, while other factories and facilities can transform the metal into usable pieces and parts for further manufacturing.

Recycling Springs from Old Mattresses

Spring steel is a special type of steel specifically formulated to create tight, springy springs that will last for years without breaking or weakening. Much of the steel used for springs also contains alloys of carbon. This gives the springs their superior strength and flexibility.

6 Advantages of Stainless Steel Pipes

Steel tubing has a variety of uses in many industries from industrial manufacturing to art. One use for steel tubing is the use of steel plumbing, which replaces traditional plastic pipes with stainless steel pipes. Although stainless steel piping is more expensive than plastic piping, it provides many benefits over plastic pipes, including:

5 Places to Find Steel Tubes

The world of steel tubing is large and varied. Steel tubes range in size from just a few millimeters wide to over several feet wide, depending on the use. Steel is so strong, that it is ideal for a variety of uses in industries all over the world, from plumbing pipelines to hypodermic needle tubing for the medical industry. You can often find steel tubing used in the following places:

A Tour of a Steel Mill

If you have never experienced the wonder of a steel plate mill, you are missing out. The manufacturing of steel is a fascinating process that starts with the melting of the steel into ingots and ends with the completed steel plate, which is used for a variety of uses, from building construction, to road work, to ship-making. Travel along with this virtual journal of steel plate manufactures to discover just how steel plates are created.

Lesser-Known Uses for Carbon Steel Piping

Carbon steel piping is the most basic form of steel piping available. It contains a majority of steel, with a few extra types of metal added in for strength and rust-resistant properties. However, none of the other materials have a high enough concentration to create a steel alloy. Carbon steel is used in 85 percent of all steel applications in the United States. Steel piping is often used to transport fuel, oil, or other liquids from one place to another. However, carbon piping also used for some lesser-known uses in a wide variety of industries.

Skorr Steel Co., Inc: The Stainless Company

Skorr Steel Co., Inc. is known as “the service center’s service center” and is an industry leader in stainless steel. Our company is located in Brooklyn, New York and has been in business for over 50 years. We have one focus and that is on stocking unique and hard to find grades of stainless steel. We concentrate on doing one thing and doing it well. Employees at our world recognized company have over 125 years of combined stainless steel experience. Our stainless steel company uses its years of experience and reputation to continue focusing on doing one thing really well. Customers can count on Skorr Steel Co., Inc. time and time again.

Commercial Metal Exchange: Experts at Metals

Commercial Metal Exchange has over 25 years of experience in sourcing various metals, alloys, and copper nationwide. Our highly trusted company is located in Warminster, Pennsylvania but stocks and distributes metals for both small and large companies all over the nation. We hold ourselves to certain goals to maintain high quality standards, provide the best customer service possible, and promote an inclusive workplace. The sales force behind our company has over 100 years of combined experience in sourcing metals. With that experience we are able to provide fast delivery with low costs.

AMKAD Metal Components: Reliable Powder Metal Manufacturing

AMKAD Metal Components is a reliable manufacturer of metal powder parts. Our number one priority is to provide the very best parts and customer service, and we strive after this mission by developing relationships with our customers. We view each new customer as an opportunity to demonstrate our manufacturing expertise and a chance to develop long lasting partnerships. Our reliable service has continued to make return customers. We take the time to talk to our customers and fully understand their applications. This communication ultimately leads to clear designs and top-notch solutions.

Source 21, Inc.: The Source of Variety

Sound Beach, New York is home to one of the most exceptional stainless steel coil and strip manufacturers in the industry. Our rolling, slitting, and edging have become some of the premier services throughout the field. Source 21, Inc. ® is an ISO 9001 certified domestic producer and processor of stainless steel coil and strip. Our very specialized capabilities are sure to match your needs. To ensure conformance to rigid specifications, our highly specialized capabilities include slitting, edging, temper-rolling, tight tolerance gauge controlling, cut-to-length, polishing and protective coating. As a global supplier of stainless steel coil and strip, we service the following industries: aerospace and aviation, food and beverage, automotive, medical, pharmaceutical, and appliances.