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Advantages of Plastic Springs

Springs are an important part of many machines, products, and processes. Without the use of springs, many of the products that we use today could not exist. Many of the springs used in today’s world are made of a variety of metals, such as steel, aluminum, brass, and nickel. However, sometimes a spring cannot be made from metal for a variety of reasons.

How to Choose Nylon Abrasive Wheel Brushes

Abrasive nylon wheel brushes are a type of industrial brush for removing burrs, blending edges, cleaning parts, and improving surface condition. As their name suggests, these wheel-shaped power brushes have nylon abrasive filaments that work like flexible files. Wheel brushes with other types of filaments are also available. Typically, these brush tools have brass, carbon steel, stainless steel, Tampico, or nylon filaments instead of abrasive-impregnated nylon.

The Aerospace Industry and the Captive Fastener

The manufacture of appliances, furniture, and even automobiles was revolutionized with the invention of the captive fastener. Fasteners themselves have been around for some time, as a fastener is really anything that helps hold two objects together. For example, a bolt and a screw are types of fasteners. But the captive fastener is something different. The captive fastener is embedded in one part of the object and then the other part of the object is then anchored inside the fastener.

The Benefits of Wire Mesh Shelves

Most manufacturing companies and warehouses have to use shelves for at least some part of the daily business. Shelves are used to hold parts, materials, equipment, and other supplies when not directly on the factory line. While there are a variety of styles of shelves available, one of the best materials for industrial shelves is wire mesh.

The Many Uses for Diamond Mesh

Diamond mesh gets its name from the shape of the mesh weave rather than from the materials used to create the metal. Diamond mesh can be made from a variety of metals, such as aluminum, stainless steel, and steel alloys, but is commonly made from stainless steel because of the durability and resistance to corrosion. The diamond pattern is created by linking several metal wires together to create a diamond-shaped pattern. This mesh pattern provides a high level of strength at a low cost. In many cases, diamond-shaped mesh is one of the least expensive forms of mesh. In the industrial and construction world, diamond-shaped mesh has a variety of uses including:

Types of Helical Springs: Tension and Compression Springs

Coil springs, or helical springs, are used to store and release energy. This is a simple mechanical device that is used to maintain a force between contacting surfaces or to absorb shock. Typically, coil springs are used in applications such as bouncers and shock absorbers for machines, or as a way to close a lid or door automatically after they have been opened. Usually, a coil spring is manufactured in the shape of a helix from an elastic material that can stretch or compress according to need. After stretching, the spring will automatically return to its original shape.

Laptop Computers and their Personal Friction Hinge

One item I am not complete without is my laptop computer. I use it everyday after work and it accompanies me on every trip (even if it is only a one or two day trip). One aspect of this device I am really thankful for is the friction hinges. Friction hinges are a type of hinge designed to allow for controlled movement. While many door hinges, like those on screen doors, allow the door to snap shut after it is no longer held, friction hinges prevent this from happening. They keep the item opened to the same level it was. This is very important for products like laptops that contain sensitive screens. If the product was able to simply snap shut once someone let go of the top, the screen could easily be damaged. The friction hinges not only allow the computer to stay open during use, but are able to protect it as well once it is done being used.

Metal vs Plastic Gears

In most people’s minds, metal gears are significantly better than plastic gears. A plastic gear is seen as weak and likely to break at any moment. However, there are actually many cases where using plastic gears instead of metal gears can actually provide many benefits. Consider the following potential benefits of a plastic gear before deciding whether to use metal or plastic for your next series of gears:

The Advantages of Expansion Bolts

Upon first look they look slightly complicated, like something from an infomercial that you might as well not even try, just save the money that would surely be lost on purchase. However, expansion bolts can be quite useful, as well as reliable and dependable. Definitely not something you would find in an infomercial. A type of anchor bolt, it is comprised of a bolt, nut and lead sleeve assembly that is able to expand when tightened. While most bolts will have to crack the surface they are placed into, these models instead fill the deformities; not only improving the overall look of the structure, but also firmly strengthening the connection. It is able to create a firm bond and offers an extreme carrying weight. This provides additional advantage in industries that might work in vibratory environments because it helps reduce the risk of crack in the structure. Some industries that make use of expansion bolts include construction, masonry walls, turbines, motor couplings, gears, mining, seating and sign installation.

The Advantage of Spring Latches

When it comes to products, the fastest and easiest solution with the highest possible quality is usually desired. This quick fix mentality goes for nearly any industry, large or small. One simple and small item that can offer quick solutions is a latch. There are an abundance of latch types that are used daily, in all aspects of life: home, work, travel, etc. However, one type of latch that sticks out is a spring latch. This specific type has some qualities that others do not that make it sought after in certain instances. Can you guess what it is?

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