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The Trusted Leader in Power Supplies

Since 1948, TDK-Lambda Americas has been a leader in power supply solutions. We are a group company of TDK Corporation. TDK-Lambda is the world’s leading manufacturer of industrial power supplies. We are also one of the oldest and most trusted companies in our field. Today, the TDK Corporation group of companies is an international presence with facilities all over the world. Our goal is to meet your needs, provide friendly after-sales support, and establish industry standards.

Guaranteed High-Quality Plastic Products Manufactured by New Plastics Plus

New Plastics Plus aids in designing and manufacturing plastic products for a wide range of industries. New Plastics Plus is an ISO 9001:2008 certified custom thermoforming company that manufactures high-quality plastic products. We have employee experience of over 150 years,

Quality Brushes at Precision Brush Co.

Manufacturing high quality brushes since 1951, our innovative facility with high quality machinery fulfills customer orders in both stock and custom brushes. Since starting originally with metal channel strip brushes, we now expanded our market and supply our customers with any

Use Bahnson Environmental for All of Your Test Chamber Needs

Bahnson Environmental Specialties is a leading manufacturer of environmental test chambers while having experience dating back to 1972. With an established reputation with large multi-room project requirements, we are the largest supplier of multi-room walk-in test chambers to pharmaceutical clients. We aim