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BenchPro Here for All of Your Work Bench Needs

BenchPro is a US based production furniture manufacturing company with sales and distribution facilities in California and a manufacturing plant in Baja California. Quality features like our 5,000-pound capacity, our 10-year warranty, our use of name brand materials like Formica and Nevamar, plus the use of wood, steel and tube produced in the USA illustrate how we produce and distribute the finest workbenches available today. We stock nothing, yet produce workbenches and chairs in hundreds of colors and sizes in one to three days.

Beekeeping with Cardboard

Do you know about the versatility of small cardboard tubes? There are hundreds of uses for the tubes, from housing toilet paper, paper towels, mailing tubes, and other commercial uses to a variety of other uses, such as insulation for pipes and a variety of other uses inside factories and manufacturing plants.

Bringing Function to Playtime

Sonotubes are a particular brand name of cardboard tube that is used as a concrete form for the construction of buildings and bridges. A sonotube is placed into the ground where the desired concrete column is wanted. The tube is then filled with concrete, which is allowed to dry. After the concrete hardens, the tube is cut away to reveal the molded concrete column. Concrete columns created by sonotubes are surprisingly sturdy and resistant to a variety of impacts and vibrations, and can even resist earthquakes and other shifts in the earth.

Paper: The Building Material of the Future

With the recent trend of environmentally-friendly building and products, many companies are looking for new ways to create innovative and environmentally friendly products that customers will love and use. One of the most environmentally-friendly products that has been around for ages is paper. Even though paper does consume trees, it is easy to recycle and reuse, and as long as enough new trees are planted, the cycle can continue without end. One recent trend is to incorporate the use of more paper products into non-traditional products, like lighting, clocks, furniture, and now, even entire buildings.

The Benefits of Telescope Tubes for Packaging

A telescope tube is a type of cardboard tube that has two pieces. The bottom piece is actually the tube container, while the second piece fits over the first and acts as the lid. Some telescope tubes have smaller tubes that act as the lid, while other cardboard tubes have lids that are nearly the same length as the original tube. Telescope tubes are often used as packaging tubes for delicate materials, including documents, artwork, light bulbs, cosmetics, and many other use. Many manufacturers choose to use these kinds of cardboard tubes to package their goods for retail sales. Telescope tubes can provide many benefits to manufacturers, such as:

The Basic Construction of Paper Core

Paper core is the inside material made from wood pulp and other materials that go inside wrapped tubes to provide support and stability to wrapped materials like fabric, paper, or plastic. You can find paper cores on nearly every wrapped object, including toilet paper, paper towels, household tape, paint rollers, and many other common household tools and supplies. Even factories and commercial companies use paper cores in their businesses for a variety of storage and industrial uses. The process of creating paper core is interesting, and most paper core manufactures use a similar process to create their cores. If you ever get the chance to tour a paper-tube manufacturing plant, it makes for an interesting and informative field trip.

Where are Paper Cores Used?

A paper core uses a different manufacturing process than traditional paper. Although paper core is manufactured from wood just like regular paper, the manufacturing process is different. Industrial paper cores are made from wood pulp and provide additional stabilization from the inside. These cores are ideal for holding the weight of the object wrapped around the core, such as large amounts of plastic sheeting, tape, or fabric. You can find paper cores used in the following areas:

Cardboard Coin Sleeves- Explained

Coin wraps are a necessity in many businesses, because they easily contain a specific amount of coins in each sleeve. These coin sleeves make it easier to transport money, and also take up less space than loose coins. Paper coin wraps are an alternative to larger coin banks, which are impractical for cash registers and other small storage spaces where space is limited.

Recycle Cardboard Tubes at Home

A cardboard tube has many uses even after its initial use. In your home, you will collect tubes from wrapping paper, document mailers, paper towels, or toilet paper. There is no need to dispose of the tubes after the initial product is gone. You can reuse the tubes to help prevent the accumulation of paper goods in landfills and garbage dumps. Try some of the following cardboard tube uses in your home:

Improving the Garment District

The garment district in New York has been home to many commercial sewing companies and designers for hundreds of years. However, the district has seen a decline in recent years. The district has long been known for the housing of sewing contractors and other manufacturing-style businesses. This has brought the image of the district down. Many landlords and building owners in the district are trying to revive the area. Efforts include rebranding the district to make it seem cool and hip, bringing in new expensive retailers and clients, and improving the current buildings to make them more modern and up-to-date.

The Importance of Sewing Quality

Commercial sewing is different from individual sewing. Individual sewers craft each piece at once, and one person completes the entire project. When this happens, it is easy to see any mistakes and adjust the project for quality control and construction. In commercial sewing, however, the process is much different. Typically, each worker sews one piece of the project only, such as sewing on buttons or sewing up one or two seams. The assembly line production for sewing is highly effective at turning out products quickly and efficiently.

Canvas: The New Plastic

With the recent trend towards more eco-friendly practices for businesses, individuals, and even governments, many of the products and practices that were done thoughtlessly in the past are being reconsidered. One of these practices is the use of plastic and paper shopping bags at stores all over the world.

The Future of Robot Sewing

In today’s world of modern manufacturing, machines are often used to replace human workers. In the past, humans had to complete all industrial manufacturing tasks, simply because the technology of machines was not high enough to complete delicate and complicated tasks. Today’s computers and robots, however, are much more intelligent and can replace human workers in many different tasks.

The Advantages of Freelance Sewing Contractors

The world of contract sewing is as large and varied as the amount of sewing projects and designs available. There is a sewing contractor for nearly every type of sewing in the world, from sewing seat cushions for boats to creating high-end fashion designs. Contract sewing companies range in size from tiny one-person operations to huge corporations that work on creating the designs from famous and well-known brands around the world. With all the variety out there? How do you know which company will best fit your design?

4 Common Problems with Finding a Sewing Contractor

If you have ever tried to find commercial sewing contractors, then you know how difficult the process can be. Many commercial sewing contractors only perform certain tasks or only work with orders of a certain size. There are actually four common reasons why finding a sewing contractor can be somewhat difficult. Knowing these obstacles can help you have an easier time finding a suitable contractor with ease.

How to Make Drop Cloth Curtains

Many tarp manufacturers make other products as well, including drop cloths and other larger, more industrial pieces of fabric. While drop cloths are highly useful at protecting the floor and furniture during painting, there are also many other uses you can use for the fabric. Large drop cloths made by tarp manufacturers are inexpensive pieces of fabric that can be used to make nearly anything. With a little dye, or even without it, you can create beautiful, inexpensive curtains to cover the windows in your home. Follow these simple directions to make your own curtains:

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