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The Basic Construction of Paper Core

Paper core is the inside material made from wood pulp and other materials that go inside wrapped tubes to provide support and stability to wrapped materials like fabric, paper, or plastic. You can find paper cores on nearly every wrapped object, including toilet paper, paper towels, household tape, paint rollers, and many other common household tools and supplies. Even factories and commercial companies use paper cores in their businesses for a variety of storage and industrial uses. The process of creating paper core is interesting, and most paper core manufactures use a similar process to create their cores. If you ever get the chance to tour a paper-tube manufacturing plant, it makes for an interesting and informative field trip.

Cardboard Coin Sleeves- Explained

Coin wraps are a necessity in many businesses, because they easily contain a specific amount of coins in each sleeve. These coin sleeves make it easier to transport money, and also take up less space than loose coins. Paper coin wraps are an alternative to larger coin banks, which are impractical for cash registers and other small storage spaces where space is limited.

The Future of Robot Sewing

In today’s world of modern manufacturing, machines are often used to replace human workers. In the past, humans had to complete all industrial manufacturing tasks, simply because the technology of machines was not high enough to complete delicate and complicated tasks. Today’s computers and robots, however, are much more intelligent and can replace human workers in many different tasks.

The History of Tarps

Tarps have been around for hundreds of years. The original use for a tarp was on the high seas. Sailors used to cover sheets of canvas in tar to protect goods from salt spray and water damage during transit. Over the years, the tarp has had several various uses, but usually remained as a way to keep dirt, water, and other contaminates off something, whether it was furniture, people, dirt, or any other number of things.

The Benefits of High Level Palletizers

Did you know that there are different types of palletizers? While there are two different main types of palletizers, the row-forming and robot categories of palletizers, there are also differences in the type of row-forming palletizers in the world as well. Row-forming palletizers are manufactured in low level palletizers and high level palletizers.

3 Problems with Automatic Palletizers

Whenever a machine completes a process, there are always going to be problems. Some people believe that the more components a system has, the more that can go wrong. This is true with automatic palletizers, just like with many other machines. A palletizer is designed to replace the manual loading of pallets with an automated machine. Automatic palletizers either use a sorting and layering technique or a robotic loading process to load products onto a pallet for shipping. Depending on how the machine works, you might run into the following problems with your palletizer:

The Highway Crash Cushion

I’ve done my share of highway driving. From road trips to visiting my parents, I am experienced in the ways of the fast lane. Whenever I drive, I normally see a number of plastic barrels at the choke points on exit ramps. Not all exit ramps have a barricade of plastic barrels but the ones that would cause a significant damage to a vehicle and its driver do. I’ve seen more than a handful of movies where a car smashes into these barrels spewing water in its wake. To what effect I wonder do these water-filled barrels actually slowly down an out of control vehicle

Steel Rule Dies: The Basics

Every production method has a most basic level of operation, the level that started the trend or made the process popular enough to want to create alterations for specific applications. When it comes to the die cutting industry, the most basic technique involves steel rule dies. Working like a stamp, but one with sharp edges that pierces all the way through a material, steel rule dies are able to quickly and efficiently create die cut shapes for a variety of applications used in many industries.

What is a Palletizer?

Just a few decades ago, pallets were loaded by hand or by forklift. There was no fast method available for loading pallets quickly. Loading a pallet was a long drawn-out process that took time away from other factory processes. In 1948, Lamson Corp invented the first automatic palletizer, which automatically loaded pallets with goods. This system was extremely successful, and it was not long before many other manufacturing companies also used palletizers in their businesses.

Zip Lock Bags: The Closure Mechanism

The wonderful thing about zip lock bags is that they can be used more then one time, which makes those that have purchased them feel like they are getting their money’s worth as well being an environmentally friendly product. Any item that can be reused numerous times is considered environmentally friendly, particularly when the plastic that makes up the item, such as the thermoplastics that are the usual materials for plastics bags, are able to be melted down and remanufactured too. The part of the zip lock bag that allows it to be used more then once is the closing mechanism.

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