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AMTI Continues to Provide Excellence in Force Measurement

For more than 30 years, AMTI Force and Motion has been designing and manufacturing the industry standards in force measurement devices. We have a passion for talented and innovative engineering and serve a range of industries from major orthopedic manufacturers, testing laboratories, to universities across the nation. We place a special emphasis on quality and reliability and we are committed to the constant evolution and refinement of our products. Our products are relied upon by many and most major implant and specialty instrument manufacturers. We are the global lead in multi-axis force measurement and testing solutions and we would be more than willing to provide you with solutions for all your force and motion needs.

Bulldog Steel Products: Water Supply Storage Solutions

Bulldog Steel Products has been serving the water supply industry since 1975. As a major manufacturer of hydropneumatic pressure tanks, filter vessels, welded steel ground storage tanks and welded steel standpipes we are centrally located with competitive prices throughout the United States. With over 40 years of experience, we perform every aspect of the process to the highest standards.

3 Good Reasons to Switch to a Condensing Boiler

A condensing boiler is a unique kind of boiler that uses a different process to heat the water that creates the steam. A condensing boiler works similarly to an air conditioner, which reuses the condensation from the steam to create more heat, which creates further steam in the boiler. This form of boiler is more efficient than other, traditional styles of boilers.

Making Steam without Boiling Water?

Did you know that it is possible to make steam without boiling water? The new inventions of technology never cease to amaze me. New innovations invented and researched by steam boiler manufacturers have the potential to completely revolutionize the steam boiler industry for good by eliminating the need for traditional steam boilers in factory environments and other places where traditional boilers are used, such as laundry cleaning facilities.

Maximizing Energy Production with Biomass Boilers

Furniture and wood production factories can benefit from a new biomass industrial boilers system that converts wood waste into renewable energy for powering the factory. These generators are a type of ORC heat-to-power system that help generate clean energy through biomass boilers. Many industrial factories use ORC systems to maximize a factory’s sustainability and reduce overall energy consumption.

Exploring the Biomass Boiler

Industrial boilers can take an unfortunate amount of resources to run. Large boilers are both energy hogs and can consume large quantities of fuel that are a drain on a company’s resources and bad for the environment. Many factories are turning to alternative methods of boiler construction or energy sources to help cut back on energy waste and reduce their impact on the environment.

3 Tips for Extra Industrial Boiler Safety

Industrial boilers can be highly dangerous, because the heat and steam building up inside the machine is not only dangerously hot, but it is also kept under high pressure. If the boiler ever exploded, then the contents of the boiler would be shot out of the machine at high speeds, potentially damaging nearby equipment and injuring employees. Proper boiler operation and boiler safety are essential in any industrial setting where boilers are used temporarily or on a regular basis. Keep employees and equipment safe by following the safety procedures outlined below:

The Power of Steam

Steam boilers are still important in today’s world. They are used to power items like laundry cleaning services, water heaters, and even whole-house heating systems. However, the boiler was never so important as during the industrial revolution and the invention and heavy use of steam-powered trains and boats. About 100 years ago, boiler manufacturers focused heavily on the invention of boilers for these two uses.

Choosing a Home Boiler System

A hot water boiler is an essential part of any home in cold climates. Without the help of boilers, heating water would cost much more, or would require a lot more effort on the part of the home owner. Many industrial factories and companies also use boilers to heat the different elements in factory production. Boilers provide a significant service in both residential and industrial settings.

Full Steam Ahead: The Industrial Gas Boiler

Industries are always on the lookout for new ways to create more efficient means of operations in their businesses. Whether it is something as simple as finding a place to cut corners effectively, or as complicated as changing a system or means of production all together, innovation is a critical element of operating a business successfully. Steam power has been around for hundreds of years, but there was a time when it was not as popular. Steam has steadily been making a comeback over the years, thanks in part to the development of industrial gas boilers.

Boiler Manufacturing Through the Ages

I think of how much technology has changed in my lifetime, a mere 24 years. I remember seeing my parents’ first computer. A huge computer tower as well as a big screen consumed the desk. A telephone sat next to it, a cord attaching the receiver to the dial pad. Nowadays you can be out in the middle of no where accessing the internet from your tablet computer or even your smart phone. A kid I used to baby sit laughed when a character was wrapped around a phone cord in Honey I Shrunk the Kids, exclaiming “That’s funny! Phones don’t have cords!” The same with phones, I overheard a small child ask what film was at an airport security check point!

High Efficiency Boilers Waste Little Energy

To be efficient is ideal. The best feeling to me is killing two birds with one stone, so to speak. Socializing while exercising, packing and organizing and surfing the web and listening to music are all ways that I can multi-task and make the best use of my time.A different way I am able to “kill two birds with one stone” is by cleaning and throwing away unwanted items while recycling or reusing other items. This is both time effective and helping the environment. Highly efficient boilers do the same thing, they reuse water as wall as utilize less electricity than conventional boilers.

Oil Boilers Run on High Efficiency

Who knew that heating a home or a building could have an environmentally friendly twist? Due to the exponential rising cost of electricity and natural gas, among other fuels, oil boilers are more often becoming a popular choice when selecting a boiler unit. Oil boilers do not even need new oil, they can reuse waste oil, which helps reduce and minimize pollution. Oil boilers are also highly efficient, running at 98 percent efficiency, a lot more than their conventional boiler counterparts.

Combi Boilers: A Combination of Awesome

Try and think of great space-saving and money saving ideas. Stackable washers and dryers, shampoo and conditioner in one bottle, hand sanitizer and moisturizer in one bottle, having a computer and cell phone in a smart phone just name a few of the great ideas. Another great idea or invention that saves space while saving money is the Combi Boiler.

Steam Boilers: An Important Part of History

Imagine life before steam. Transportation was more difficult. Communication was more difficult. Commerce was more difficult. The list goes on and on. The invention of the steam engine was an integral part of industry during the Industrial Revolution. Today, it is involved in or responsible for nearly all electricity generated and consumed around the world.

Condensing Boilers: Reusing Heat

Boilers that utilize water vapor that is produced during combustion and condense it into water are called condensing boilers. The condensed water exits the system through a drain. A condensing boiler is a high efficiency boiler because it uses the excess heat in the flue in order to pre-heat cold water that is beginning to enter the boiler. Condensing boilers can have up to 98 percent efficiency. Due to the high efficiency–and therefore environmentally friendly–nature of the condensing boiler, many countries require or encourage its citizens to use them. Often times governments offer a financial incentive to help with the costs.

Blasting Effectively On the Move

Media blasters come in a wide range of sizes and styles for a variety of applications. One of the most common media blaster styles is the popular sandblasting cabinet. Inside this cabinet, materials can be sanded and cleaned by spraying them with a high powered air blaster that sprays the object with tiny sand particles or other particles to remove dirt, paint, and other contaminants.

Important Safety Gear for Sandblasting

When sandblasting, safety is a high concern. Without proper safety gear, all sorts of health problems can occur, such as irritated eyes and lungs, painful skin damage, or even increased cancer risk due to the exposure of inhaled irritants from the blasting media. Most industrial manufacturers know that sandblasters can be dangerous to employees, and safety is often the highest concern in the factory. One of the best ways to prevent injury to workers is by providing them with high quality safety gear.

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