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Asbury Carbons Providing High Quality Machined Graphite Since 1895

Asbury Carbons has been the world’s largest independent processor and merchant of graphite for over a century. We supply natural and synthetic graphite, cokes, coals, and all carbon products. Additionally, we are experts of graphite machining and a major supplier of a variety of raw materials used in a range of industries worldwide. While today we are a major company, we come from humble beginnings.

Instant Adhesives with Variety and Reliability

The unwavering reliability of Toagosei America Inc. has been providing customers with high-quality cyanoacrylate adhesives since our founding in 1963. The success and growth of our business, beginning in Japan and led to the opening of the ISO 9001 registered American factory in West Jefferson, Ohio. From here, we serve industrial customers across North and South America, as well as Europe.

Sealing Devices – Superior Seals with Exceptional Services

Since 1963 from his home in Alden, NY Terry Galanis Sr. launched Sealing Devices Inc. providing customers with quality parts, reliable service, and fair prices for EMI shielding, O-rings, and gaskets industries. From there, the company has been rapidly growing into one of the leaders for their industries, with climbing sales across the nation. As technology continues to advance, Sealing Devices is quick to follow. We are always looking to invest in innovative technologies to provide better customer service, control costs, and improving our operating efficiencies.

HUSKEY Specialty Lubricants – Leaders in their Industry

HUSKEY Specialty Lubricants is a leading manufacturer in innovative lubricants since 1944. We manufacture, formulate, and package our complete line of specialty lubricants for a wide range of applications. Our brand is recognized worldwide, and we utilize the latest in lubrication technologies to bring you the best products available. HUSKEY Specialty Lubricants are known for handling the most extreme lubricating conditions and we can work with you to develop a formulation that works for your specific needs. Our commitment to quality and our customers allows us to continue to grow within our industry and community.

Astro Met, Inc., Providing Advanced Ceramic Solutions since 1961.

Since 1961, Astro Met, Inc. has been engineering and manufacturing advanced ceramic components from zirconia, alumina, zirconia toughened alumina, and machinable ceramics. Our products provide solutions to demanding wear, corrosion, thermal, and electrical applications. We specialize in precision tolerance advanced ceramic components in both prototype and production quantities.

Precise Ceramic Machining from Kadco Ceramics

Since 1980, Kadco Ceramics has been a leading supplier of diamond machining services. We pride ourselves on providing unique solutions for shaping hard materials, and we continue to look for new ways to serve our valued customers. Our highly skilled and experienced engineers work directly with our customers to assist with material selection, basic design issues, and engineering problems. Direct communication with our customers enables us to successfully satisfy our customers’ needs in quality, delivery, and price, and that is our #1 goal.

Aluminum Die Casting Company Specializing in Casting Solutions

Founded in 1950, Aluminum Die Casting Company has been meeting the needs of customers, vendors, and employees for all your casting and billet products. As a third generation family owned and operated manufacturing business, we understand the importance towards continued improvement, cost reductions, on-time deliveries, and 100% customer satisfaction. We are strategically located in Mira Loma, California so as to better serve our current customer base.

Plasma-Tec, Inc: A Passion for Doing It Right

Plasma-Tec, Inc. is a leading source for quality precision machining and grinding, and wear and corrosion coating services. We are passionate about our customers and the services we provide them, blowing their expectations about of the water! We pride ourselves in being able to meet our customer’s specifications in manufacturing and quality control.

American Environmental Container Corp: Leading Provider of Fiberglass Pools & Spas

American Environmental Container Corp. is the leading manufacturer of fiberglass swimming pools, spas and custom large open molded containers since 1958, with over 74,000 pools installed world-wide. We have over 100 different sizes, shapes and styles of fiberglass pools for our customers to choose from. We also have the capability of custom building the best spas and pools to our customer’s specifications, even extra small for the tiniest of yards.

C-Mac International: Your Source for All Things Ceramic

Here at C-Mac international we offer a variety of services such as sourcing, engineering and logistics. We work with multiple ceramic suppliers who have numerous years in the ceramic manufacturing industry. We use our connections and superior knowledge of the industry to help you find the most cost effective, fastest delivery, highest quality products on the market. We work with multiple suppliers to make sure you have the options you need. We work with Alumina, Steatite, Cordierite, MgO, and other ceramic materials. We will work with you to identify your needs and specifications in order to determine the best material for you.

Using Fiberglass in Tubs

When I think of corrugated fiberglass, I typically think of old-fashioned patio roofs where the wavy fiberglass is used to protect the patio from the sun and rain. This type of fiberglass is not the most attractive ever, but it gets the job done inexpensively. However, temporary roofing is not the only use for corrugated fiberglass. There are actually a surprising number of uses for the fiberglass.

The Greatness of Fiberglass

Fiberglass is a great material to use in many applications because to its durability and its light weight. Today the fiberglass industry is rapidly growing because of its unique versatile ability. Many boats are made out of fiberglass because of how light the material is. The only reason a boat floats is because of the displacement and fiberglass helps keep a lot of that extra weight to a minimum. Fiberglass has an amazingly smooth finish and has a very attractive look. If it gets scratched or damaged the fixing process is not too difficult to get repaired or even repair at home if the damage is not too incredibly bad. It is also a material that is very easy to clean. Any wax, polish or cleaner can keep fiberglass looking like new if it gets dirty.

Corrugated Fiberglass Is On Top

Choosing the right roofing material for your shed or greenhouse is an important decision. Roofs of buildings take a large amount of sunlight, wind, rain, snow and heat exposure throughout the year, so picking a material that is able to withstand a high number of factors is important. For each type of project, certain roofing materials are better suited than others. Ultimately, the roof material you choose will depend on the roof you are covering, the durability you need, the price you want to pay and the overall look you are aiming for.

The Different Faces of Fiberglass

When my parents were in the process of building our house, my brother and I were still young enough to cause my parents to think twice about letting us around the construction sites. We often had to keep ourselves entertained out in the lawn, or the dirt pit that served as the lawn before the grass was planted. My parent’s main concern was that my brother and I would get into the fiberglass insulation that was lying around as the walls were constructed.

Seeing Clearly With Fiberglass

The benefits of skylights are numerous. They provide extra natural light into the room through the ceiling, which makes for bright and welcoming homes and offices. They create the illusion of having more space in a home, and they take advantage of the natural sunlight and bring an element of the outdoors inside. They can be used in extreme situations, such as a dome like structure in observatories or churches, and also in a more subdued manner such as a skylight in the kitchen or bathroom of your house.

Fun with Fiberglass

One thing that I have always wanted to do in my life, and something that is in the top five on my bucket list, is to learn how to surf. Something about just being out on the beach, and enjoying the sun and sand seems magical to me. When I think of surfing, California always comes to mind. I’ve only been to California once, but unfortunately for me, I am probably the least coordinated person when it comes to balance. I played many sports in high school, but skateboarding and other activities that required balance were never something I excelled at. Since balance is the basis of the sport of surfing, I doubt I will be very good at it, but that won’t stop me from trying if I ever get the chance.

Boxes for Boats

Summer is the season of being outside and enjoying the sun, sand and water. Going out on the boat is one of my family’s favorite hobbies on summer weekends and holidays. Everyone knows the importance of storing life vests and various other safety materials on boats for that rare chance that something could go wrong while you are out enjoying the lake. It is also important (although admittedly slightly less important) to have plenty of refreshments and snacks on board to relieve your passengers of thirst and hunger pains. You don’t want people cramping up while they are in the middle of an epic tubing trip around the lake.

Overcoming Abrasiveness

Carbon graphite products can be found in many industries and applications including astronautical engineering, die and mold, aluminum processing, and furnace parts. Graphite is both electrically and thermally conductive, as it has properties of a metal and a semi-metal; and it these qualities that make it ideal in the range of functions that I mentioned. Another ideal quality of graphite is that it is very easy to cut, but it is also quite abrasive and this can cause milling tools to wear rather quickly. The reason for this abrasiveness is the bond strength between carbon molecules. Using diamond coated tools is the best way to cut graphite, as they can last up to 15-20 times longer than uncoated tools. Aside from using diamond cutting tools, there are several ways to ensure that your tools will hold up against graphite’s abrasiveness.