To Sharpen a Wheeled Cutter

Tube Cutting

Pipe cutters use strong and sharp wheel blades to get better leverage to slice through pipes made out of PVC, copper, Steel, cast iron and many other materials. The blades are easily sharpened by using a common sharpening stone but one must take precautions in order to prevent getting cut. Tube cutting is a processed used to cut tubes to specific lengths depending on the tube’s application.
I’ve had experience with washing a wheeled cutter. However, this was to cut meats and cheeses, not varies piping and tubing. I would have to take apart the meat slicing machine so I can get all the leftover meat out and wash each of the parts separately before I reassembled the machine. I got to wear a chain mail glove on one hand which I always enjoyed. I did manage to cut myself once on my unarmored hand through quick and smart irrational thinking. I saw some meat I forgot to sweep out and grab it without thinking, catching my finger on a part of the blade. Luckily it was only a flesh wound and required no more than a band-aid and a super cool blue finger protector.
I’ve never had to sharpen the meat slicer but I imagine the process is similar to sharpening a pipe cutter (the machines not the hand-help application). To sharpen a pipe cutting first you must remove the blade wheel after unscrew the wheel from the machine. Then cover one side with a small piece of paper towel or a rag. Squeeze the wheel over the paper towel or rag with pliers and sharpen the exposed side with a sharpening stone. Repeat this until the entire wheel is sharpened.