Breakthrough Prototyping in Toroidal Coil Technology

The toroidal coil industry has made giant leaps in recent news. A landmark prototype is being created, a full-size super-conducting prototype of a double pancake toroidal. There will be 19 toroidal field coils in total, each containing seven double pancakes. Each double pancake is constructed from stainless steel and is formed into a D-shaped pattern. The impressive conductor utilizes over 1,000 superconducting and copper wires. This system will run at 68,000 amps of electricity which will create a magnetic field required to hold plasma. To maintain controlled fabrication levels which guaranteed quality production the toroidal coils are constructed in an environment of 20 °C with a variable of ± 1 °C.

This project requires extreme precision due to the delicate nature of the design. Engineers working on this innovation are striving to control the trajectory of the conductor with an accuracy as high as .01%. This high level of accuracy has results in their teams turning to laser measuring technology to flawlessly measure the device. These toroidal field coils will weigh a profound 300 t and will be 16.5 tall. This new product has a wide range of benefits as a more energy efficient power transformer resulting in low stray magnetic fields. By preventing unnecessary leakage of energy this technology will save a significant amount of energy in the long run.

Toroidal CoilPhoto Courtesy of Sag Harbor Industries, Inc.

The plasma is useful for a number of applications and processes. Utilizing plasma successfully can reduce carbon emissions and it is highly energy efficient with little waste. This clean energy resource helps relieve the reliance on fossil fuels and by sustaining a high level of plasma will end up in large savings. Even though plasma has been utilized for a number of years the benefits will grow as this new double pancake toroidal becomes operational. It is theorized that plasma energy can be used for electricity generation, household heating, military applications, transportation and more. New experiments and research also shows developments in open atmosphere plasma generation. As the industry continues to develop more innovations there is a great potential for an energy revolution for electronics across the board.

Mini Toroidal CoilPhoto Courtesy of Sag Harbor Industries, Inc.

As many countries become industrialize and luxuries such as electricity are readily available there is a demand for other components. Recently there has been a drastic increased surge of demand for toroidal coils in India. These essential coils are needed for various applications and Indian companies are in need of these items to create audio systems, light fixtures, medical components, automobiles, robotic assemblies, air conditioners, aerospace components, telecommunications, musical instruments, refrigerators and much more. Projects like the new double pancake serve as an example that this industry is heading in a very positive direction for potential growth and manufacturing opportunities.