TEMPEST: Durability in Every Design

Industrial Chillers

TEMPEST, Inc. is an international manufacturer of engineered industrial chillers and heat transfer systems. Our engineering department is experienced in manufacturing the best industrial refrigeration, chillers, heat transfer and fluid pumping systems. Our design team uses state of the art programs to incorporate energy conservation, heat recovery and central control to provide peak efficiencies. At TEMPEST we design systems to serve a multitude of industries, including chemical and industrial manufacturers, pharmaceutical, rubber, food processing and ice rinks to name a few.

Our family of chillers enables us to achieve superior efficiency at true operating conditions without compromising the environment. All of our chillers are designed and engineered using industrial strength components for reliability. At TEMPEST, we specialize in the manufacturing of ammonia chillers, making it the refrigerant of choice for large industrial systems. We also offer a wide range of chillers from air chilled to explosion proof; we can create a chiller to fit your specific needs. TEMPEST also builds temperature control units to fit customer specifications. Whether purchasing a hot oil unit, hot water unit or custom temperature control unit you will get a system built using the highest quality components that you can trust. At TEMPEST we also offer reliable and durable complete pumping systems and custom fabricated container systems designed to fit your container. No matter the system you get from TEMPEST you can rest knowing that all of our systems are factory tested to ensure they are fully functional and meets all quality standards prior to shipment.Our service technicians are trained to provide onsite start up for all of our systems and train your operators to make sure your system operates as designed. We also offer several different service programs to fit our customer’s needs including 24 hour emergency service. Stop by our website or give us a call today!