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Safely Fascinating

Tempered glass is quite interesting. Commonly referred to as safety glass, tempered glass is almost harmless because it does not share many of the qualities that conventional glass has.

The first safely fascinating quality about tempered glass (safety glass) is that it is about five times stronger than normal glass is because it is produced with chemicals and favicondifferent heating/cooling methods than conventional glass is; this thermal process strengthens tempered glass’ internal and external structure. For example’s sake, let’s pretend that your house has one window made out of tempered glass, and another window made out of normal glass. Also propose that your aggravating ten- year-old neighbor throws a baseball into your normal glass window at 5 miles per hour with the intention to shatter it and succeeds. According to the laws of physics, if your neighbor wished to break your tempered glass window as well, he would have to throw the ball 25 miles per hour (five times that of 5 mph) because the tempered glass window is five times stronger than that of the normal window. He would think twice next time he decides to attempt to shatter your next window.

The second safely fascinating quality about tempered glass is that when it does break, it splinters into several dull, oval shaped fragments instead of sharply-edged glass fragments that would be the outcome of shattering conventional glass. To be completely honest, I have no idea how this quality is possible, that is for the brilliant scientists who created tempered glass to know. Because tempered glass takes deadly-sharp glass fragments out of the equation in the occurrence of glass shattering, it makes it extremely useful for pretty much any glass application. Tempered glass could be useful in potentially hazardous situations such as a car collision, a robbery, or any place where glass is present and there are many people in close proximity. It is a safer call to go with tempered glass any day.

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