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Wholesale Wire Rope from the Experts at Elite Sales, Inc.

Establish in 1973, Elite Sales Inc. has grown to become America’s leading wholesale distributor of wire rope. Whether you are looking for wire ropes, cables, chains, or hardware, you are sure to find just what you need in our extensive inventory. Our two warehouses are strategically located in Houston and Tampa to allow for efficient deliveries across the U.S. We offer same day shipping. This company takes pride in offering products that help customers be successful in their respective markets. Our reliable products are suitable for construction, agriculture, cargo transport and more. We offer dependable quality wire ropes at the best price.

Lifting, Pulling, Binding, and Chain/Wire Specialist since 1972.

St. Pierre Manufacturing Corporation began specializing in tire chains in 1920, and our innovative line of tire chains continues to meet applications for any type of tire under any condition. Manufacturing tire chains, industrial chain & slings, St. Pierre distributes wire rope, chain, wire rope fittings & hardware, rigging products & accessories, natural & synthetic rope from manufacturers such as Wireco WorldGroup, Ingersol-Rand, Crosby, Merrill & Simplex. St. Pierre official pitching horseshoes & tournament-quality bocce ball sets are a unique addition to St. Pierre’s manufacturing line.

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Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Wire Ropes.

Lexco Cable Manufacturing is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company that specializes in creating tether solutions with wire rope, aircraft cable, and bungee cord. Lexco fabricates mechanical cable and bungee assemblies their customers hold down, hold up, restrain or release items. Lexco has domestic and international manufacturing capabilities. Our network of suppliers of wire rope, cable, micro-sized cable, bungee, fittings, and related services provide you with your specific custom cable or bungee assembly. We can provide vinyl and nylon extrusions and we have pull testing capabilities for your proof testing and proof testing requirements.

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Wire Rope, Saving Lives

It was over a year ago that thirty three miners were trapped underground in Chile. They were stuck for roughly two months, nearly half of a mile underground. Luckily, in this case they were able to be rescued. Mining can be a dangerous job, and there seem to be accidents far too often. Sadly, mining is still an important part of our economy, so risks continue to be taken. Mine shafts can be very deep, so efficient and safe measures must be taken to make sure that nothing goes wrong when working in those underground tunnels. Extra precautions are also taken when lowering and hoisting people, equipment and minerals in the shaft. Wire ropes are often employed for these processes.

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Wire Rope: Types and Uses

All wire ropes are constructed of steel strands bound together, but there are different ways of creating that rope, each producing a rope that offers unique stress and rotational qualities suited to specific tasks. For most tasks, the two primary types of rope in use are stranded and spiral wire ropes.

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Loos & Co., Inc. Introduces Exerflex Pro® Fitness Cable

Connecticut?based Loos & Co., Inc., the world’s leading manufacturer of cable for the fitness equipment industry, has announced the release of its latest fitness cable: Exerflex Pro® Fitness Cable. Developed in their research and manufacturing facility in Pomfret, Conn., Exerflex Pro® builds on Loos & Co.’s tradition of providing fitness equipment manufacturers, equipment owners, and equipment repair professionals the highest level of cable performance and safety on the market. For more than a decade, the world’s leading fitness equipment manufacturers have relied on Loos & Co. cable as the only cable used in their equipment. Exerflex Pro® continues the tradition of providing the safety and performance that are critical in fitness equipment.