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IQS Featured Profile: Tecmark Corporation

Since the company got its start back in 1976, Tecmark Corporation has been goal oriented when it comes to the creation of pressure switches. We not only want to reach the highest levels of customer satisfaction through service and high standard products, but we also strive to provide the highest measure of safety levels in harsh and hazardous environments. These qualities have made it possible for our company to quickly become an industry leader and global manufacturer of pneumatic, electromechanical and electronic controls. Specializing in time, temperature and pressure applications, we can help you reach your industrial goals with the quality and efficiency we are able to offer each and every customer. Serving numerous industries worldwide, you can depend upon Tecmark for the service that you deserve.

Water Pressure Switch: Helping Manage Water Flow

People who benefit from wastewater treatment have a tendency to take that service for granted. There are still a staggering number of countries throughout the world where there is no substantial water treatment infrastructure. Here in the United States, as well as in places like Canada and Europe, we find it odd, or more likely frustrating or maddening, if we find ourselves without access to clean water. In many other places worldwide, the opposite can be true. It can be helpful, in appreciating the real privilege that wastewater treatment infrastructure is, to try to understand the individual components that contribute to the effective and continued operation of such systems.