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Ulanet Has over 80 Years in the Thermal Control Industry

Ulanet has over 80 years of engineering and manufacturing experience. Our product range includes cartridges, hermetically sealed, miniature, capsule, industrial and appliance thermostats, thermal time delay relays, immersion heaters, tubular heaters, miniature strip, bolt hole and cartridge heaters. An in-house panel of engineers awaits your thermal control challenge. Let us share our expertise with you. Ulanet is the trusted global leader in designing & manufacturing thermal controls.

Using Flexible Tube Heating Elements to Heat Liquids

A tube heating element is a heating element contained inside a tube. Many heating elements use this design, including infrared heaters, some ovens, and toaster ovens. The tube contains the heating element inside and is often made from glass, or another semi-transparent material. One new trend for tube heating elements is to use flexible tubes for heating elements, rather than rigid tubes. These flexible tubes are made from polymer tubing, and retain a high level of flexibility. These tubes are ideal for using to heat liquids, as the flexible tube can bend and heat the entire container of liquid evenly. Consider using a flexible tube heating element for the following reasons:

Options for Tubular Heating Elements

A tubular heating element is just like all other tubular heating elements, right? Actually, that thought is not true. There are actually many distinctions between tubular heating elements that can change the entire properties and usage of the heating element. Depending on the needs of the manufacturer or machine, a tubular heating element can be configured to provide the best services for that particular use. This leads to better energy-efficiency, increased production, and the solidification of the production process, leading to better products and a higher level of quality output. Most heating element manufacturers can customize heating elements based on your specific needs.