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A Thermocouple Manufacturer Dedicated to Making Better Products

Thermocouple Technology, Inc. (TTEC) is a manufacturer of thermocouples and temperature measurement devices. We are located in Quakertown, Pennsylvania but our products are used by world class companies all over. Our company is staffed by an experienced group of professionals dedicated to providing precision temperature measurement and control devices.

The Future of Temperature Control

Temperature control is a necessary part of everyday living in the industrial, commercial, and residential world. No factory, business, or home can operate without proper temperature regulation and control. Industrial factories use temperature control to maintain manufacturing processes and keep employees comfortable. Commercial buildings use temperature regulation to keep warehouses cool and prevent damage to products and shoppers.

Using Your Thermocouple With Care

A thermocouple is a great way to measure temperatures along a broad spectrum. There are some precautions you should take when using a thermocouple for temperature reading purposes because while they’re excellent at what they do, they must be used properly.

The Science Behind the Thermocouple: the Seebeck Effect

Thermocouples are small but complicated machines. The way they function is pretty mystifying to anyone not terribly familiar with electronics, or science, or math, really. Thermocouples can convert temperature into energy, and they can also measure temperature levels in a variety of substances. But the science behind them is quite remarkable.

Thermo Sensors Corporation: Quality Thermocouples

Thermo Sensors Corporation has been a well-known manufacturer of high quality thermocouples. Our company is located in Garland Texas and has been serving customers since 1972. We are set apart in the industry by our quality control program. Our mission is clear, we are dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality products and rapid delivery at a competitive price. By following our mission the company has established ourselves as an industry leader. Our company offers a wide variety of products and serves many industries helping them to further our standing as a trusted manufacturer.

Thermocouples and Temperature Control

Temperature controls are a necessary part of nearly every industrial process from creating yogurt to manufacturing sheet metal. Without temperature controls, it would be nearly impossible to determine the current temperature of any item in a factory, and many of the precise processes used today could not exist. A temperature control not only identifies the temperature of an object, material, or liquid, but it also can raise or lower the temperature as necessary to keep the temperature at the desired and necessary level.