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Premier Temperature Chambers from RapidTherm

RapidTherm, Inc. is a manufacturer of environmental test chambers. We are located in Chandler, Arizona and our products are made in the USA. We manufacture energy efficient, single zone chambers. They can perform thermal shock testing without moving the device under test. Our chambers are also suitable for environmental stress screening (ESS) applications.

Changing Temperatures

The passing of Labor Day Weekend always makes me a little sad because I know right behind it is the coming of fall. And shortly after that we have winter, my least favorite time of the year. I have had to deal with it every year of my life and still I am not used to it. As the colder temperatures come in we find our selves needing to determine the small ways that we can adjust. Often this means winterizing the home, taking out the screens, putting in more insulation, all sorts of small tasks to beat out the cold. And, we are not the only ones looking for these types of solutions. Manufacturers spend a lot of time in an attempt to determine which materials and products will hold up best in the various temperatures they will be exposed to. Brutal cold weather or extreme humidity levels can have major affects on how electronics and other products may hold up.

Benchtop Chambers? Really?

Some benchtop test chambers resemble household microwaves in more than just superficial ways. One wonders, in viewing of such a benchtop chamber, if a technician who was performing tests wouldn’t have done just as well with a microwave instead of an expensive benchtop chamber. While that might sometimes seem like the case, the reality of benchtop chambers is much more nuanced.

Temperature Chambers for R&D

As the world consumes its more easily extracted energy resources, industry has been forced to advance to some of the least hospitable places on earth in search of sequestered energy supplies. In recent years in particular, interest in recovering oil, natural gas and other hydrocarbons from beneath frozen tundra in Canada, the deepest depths of the Gulf of Mexico and other out-of-the-way places has surged. Arguments about the sustainability and ethics of these kinds of exploration and extraction continue. What is not in dispute is that if these efforts are to succeed on any terms, those professionals who are involved in them will need access to equipment that can handle the harshness of the conditions they will encounter.

High Temperature Chambers

Environmental test chambers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Most environmental test chambers on the market today are about as big as a large refrigerator. However some chambers are bench-top models which are equivalent to the size of a microwave while other walk-in chambers are the size of a room that can house an aircraft. Environmental test chamber manufacturers construct different types of chambers that can perform a full spectrum of tests. One of the key qualities of a successful test chamber is consistency. Since the validity of a tested product is on the line it is quintessential for the test chamber to be able to perform 100% of the time. Some chambers can carry out multiple tests at the same time. Chambers testing aerospace technologies for example have to be able to maintain conditions for altitude, temperature and vibration. Temperature test chambers can commonly reach temperatures above 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. Some chambers specialize in cryogenic applications which can produce temperatures as low as -200 degrees Fahrenheit.