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Jersey Strand and Cable Creating Innovative Wire and Rope

Located in northwest New Jersey, Jersey Strand and Cable, Inc. has been the most diversified fine diameter strand and cable manufacturer of its magnitude in the world for over 30 years. Our highly skilled and experienced staff provides our customers with the highest-quality standard and custom cable and strand products available, including wire rope. Our innovative product development and unique custom cable manufacturing techniques allow us to provide micro-miniature, miniature, and small diameter wire sizes up to 1/8-inch finished product diameter.

Stranded Vs. Solid

When it comes to cable there are two main varieties. These are solid-core, also known as single stranded wire, or stranded wire. Both are able to be used as a conductor, but some offer different benefits depending on the application it will be used for. Working closely with trusted suppliers is the best way to make sure that you end up with the finished product you need.

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Wire Rope May not be Pretty, but It Was Beautiful at the Oscars

With all the 2009 Academy Awards’ glitz, glamour and questionable Hugh Jackman musical medley numbers (forget Beyonce; I thought Anne Hathaway stole the show – and being remembered from the opening of the Oscars is no small feat), who would have thought to notice the stainless steel cable holding up the shimmering backdrop of the stage that night? But what else could have supported the 92,000 Swarovski crystals configured in a 100-foot wide by 60-foot tall display weighing three tons?

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