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For A Miniature Option

Bearings make the world go round. Bearings come in a variety of sizes and models. Generally, when I think of a bearing I think of a mechanical bearing, like those in my skateboard when I was younger. The skateboard bearing required weekly or monthly maintenance and eventually wore out because of friction or contamination build up. So what if a frictionless bearing was used? Linear air bearings can provide a zero static movement, thus making them more desirable. Continue reading

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Slide Bearings and Marine Uses

My family has raised me on the water. I truly mean this. I am pretty sure I knew how to swim before I could walk, and I learned how to drive a boat well before it was legal for me to attend drivers training. For us, boating and water was the way to live. I remember having college kids on my lake come ask me for tips on slalom skiing when I was in elementary school. (This may be an exaggeration. They might have been in high school only, I just remember being young and the people asking me being very tall.) My point however is, that my family is devoted to all things water or boat. So when it comes to linear bearings, we would have to choose the slide bearing because of its many uses in the marine industry. Continue reading

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Large and In Charge for Renewable Energy

There are many pieces required to build the massive wind turbines that produce enough energy to be useful in an industrial, agricultural, commercial or residential setting. All of these parts must be large and dependable, to be able to make the impressive renewable energy machine work efficiently without falling apart. As these machines grow in popularity, because they do not harm the earth when creating energy and because they are a much more cost effective solution to the energy problem, the pieces, parts and mechanisms used to make them are growing in popularity too. One such part is a linear bearing. Continue reading

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Metric Linear Bearings: Measurement Systems

Linear bearings may be measured and therefore pieced together according to two separate measurement systems, one of which is used exclusively in the United States. The US Customary measurement system involves inches, feet and yards, and is still taught in public schools and used as a common form of measurement in many industrial contexts. Alongside these measurements is the metric system, which is the standard in Europe as well as being common here. That is why metric linear bearings in fact make more sense, since they can translate in numerous countries, which is very helpful considering the amount of products that are bought in one country and used in another. If nothing else, it will make the purchase of replacement parts significantly easier. Continue reading

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The Self-Lubricating Slide Bearings

The key to success for a linear bearing design is creating motion without friction, which can cause problems in a large system and deteriorate the materials used to create the parts. Everyone knows that rotating rollers and balls are popular forms of motion control, helping glide a part along a designated path much like a conveyor does. However, these are not the only ways smooth motion can be achieved. Slide bearings do not utilize additional parts to transition a part from point A to point B without friction, but by way of particular materials that guarantee a smooth trip. Continue reading

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Slide Bearing Basics

The use of linear bearings happens every day and they sure do make our lives easier. These bearings are used to create a sliding movement that is straight line going in one direction. There are many different types of linear bearings including air, ball, motion, roller, rotary, miniature, pillow block, plastic, precision and slide bearings just to name a few. Linear bearings help in many processes of movement. They are often found in use on industrial equipment when a machine must move in order to produce a product. Many drawers use one of these variations of linear bearings to create a smooth motion for both pulling out and pushing in any sort of drawer. In drawers the tracks also have a catch on the back and that is what prevents the drawers from pulling completely out of the cabinet. Although we could go on forever about each type of linear bearing, today I wanted to focus on slide bearings and how they differ from the rest of the pack.
Continue reading

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