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World Class Test Chambers From Cincinnati Sub-Zero Products

For over 75 years Cincinnati Sub-Zero Products, Inc. has been providing world-class temperature management solutions to our customers the first time around. Our vision is to create an environment that will allow our team to successfully grow, while developing solutions to meet and/or exceed all of our customers’ needs. We are committed to providing customers with the highest quality of products that are cost-effective and comply with standards and regulatory requirements. Our chambers are built with value, reliability, and performance in mind, and we are always placing our client’s needs first.

Testing Products of All Sizes

Environmental test chambers have proved to be useful in all sorts of testing projects. They are able to test the long term effects that might occur on different objects if they are submitted to specific changes. These changes could be various environmental and other conditions such as altitude, temperature, thermal shock and more. And when it comes to testing, the products can be of all kinds of shapes and sizes. For this reason there are many models available including drive in chambers, walk in chambers, portable chambers, softwall chambers and even smaller benchtop chambers.

Environmental Test Chamber Manufacturers Have a Great Responsibility

Successful environmental test chamber manufacturers have to demonstrate manufacturing aptitude in a variety of ways. Considering this fact, companies that are in the test chamber manufacturing business operate under some of the most demanding conditions in industry. Especially in the case of companies that manufacture entire test chamber systems, there’s no room for error. Companies that make faulty test chambers can pose a risk to the success of their clients’ operations and even to their safety. For this reason, an intense focus on quality is at the center of every successful environmental test chamber manufacturing operation.

Understanding Environmental Test Chambers

At a given moment, all manner of fascinating and bizarre experiments could be under way at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. The Space Center, which has been the seat of the United States’ manned space program since 1961, celebrates its golden anniversary this year. JSC occupies itself with many tasks, and among those tasks is the conduction of experiments that test the performance of equipment in artificially created environments that are designed to mimic some or all of the environmental conditions of space. Many of these experiments are conducted in one of the world’s largest environmental test chambers, the Space Environment Simulation Laboratory.