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Leader in Custom Blow Molding Since 1978

Since our founding in 1978, Western Case, Inc. has been one of the leading custom blow molding companies in the U.S. We are located in Southern California, but we have the ability to ship to customers in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Whether your project is in the concept stage, or if you already have your products developed… our design, engineering, production, and marketing staff is ready to work with you.

Our Daily Plastic Needs

Today, I feel like more people drink out of plastic water bottles or pop bottles than cups. The convenience is obvious and generally the beverage that comes in the plastic is inexpensive to purchase. The process in which plastic bottles are made is called plastic blow molding. The plastic blow molding companies have found this process to be the quickest and most cost effective in the mass production of their merchandise. The process is fairly simple. Plastic is melted and formed into a parison or perform, which is a tube piece of plastic that air can be forced into. This parison is clamped into a predetermined mold and air is pumped into it. The air pushes the plastic against the mold and is cooled, thus ejecting a finished product.

A Little Extra Gas Can Go a Long Way

Gas cans are a useful container to have on hand. It can really save your skin if you forget to fill up your gas tank. I know it saved me a couple months ago when my gas light failed to turn on. It didn’t help that I was pushing my tank to the limit either. We didn’t used to have one at the Manor (the house I currently reside) until about a year ago. We decided to invest in one after we helped out a couple in a pinch.

New Processes to Improve Container Stability

Plastic blow molding is a process that has been used for many years to manufacture a variety of pharmaceutical containers and bottles to hold pills and other prescriptive medicines. However, there is a problem with the consistency of the normal methods used to create the containers. Some molding techniques vary the size or weight of the bottles, which can make it harder to measure the correct content for the bottles. This is a serious concern in the medical industry where consistency is extremely important for safety.

IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: Custom-Pak, Inc.

Since 1974, our company has proven itself to be the industry leader in the production of blow molded parts as well as the most efficient blow molding equipment available on the market today. Custom-Pak, Inc. is a global force with 6 blow molding facilities in North America along with 3 supporting operations allowing for design and mold making, equipment building, and compounding and recycling. The ambitious undertakings, irrefutable reputation and continued success of our company can be attributed to our near 40 year history of technical superiority and ever advancing capabilities.