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Ouellette Machinery Systems

With over 46 years of experience, Ouellette Machinery Systems is a self-sufficient manufacturer offering a complete line of bulk, case, bag, drum and pail palletizers as well as bulk and case depalletizers ranging from semi-automatic to fully automatic. Our goal has been to increase our customers’ productivity and efficiency with our high-quality, technologically advanced product handling equipment and systems. If you have unique needs, we offer customizable palletizers to meet your needs.

The Benefits of High Level Palletizers

Did you know that there are different types of palletizers? While there are two different main types of palletizers, the row-forming and robot categories of palletizers, there are also differences in the type of row-forming palletizers in the world as well. Row-forming palletizers are manufactured in low level palletizers and high level palletizers.

Columbia Machine, Inc: Worldwide Palletizing Solutions

For over 75 years, Columbia Machine, Inc. has been providing some of the best complete palletizing solutions and support in the industry. Our company got its start in 1937, when the young Fred Neth, Sr. opened a shop in Vancouver, Washington repairing concrete block-making machines. Soon our company began to grow and now is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of palletizers and concrete products equipment. We serve a variety of industries as well as some Fortune 200 companies who palletize a variety of products like paper towels, laundry detergent, fruit juice, dog food, and chicken. Our company is continuously coming up with innovations in developing state-of-the-art technology.

How to Buy a Palletizer

Palletizer manufacturers make a variety of palletizing systems that help package goods and products quickly. Two main forms of palletizers, robotic palletizers and in-line palletizers, use two different methods of packing with slightly different results. Before you purchase any palletizer, ensure that the palletizer manufactures can meet your needs in the following areas:

Robotic Palletizers and the Road Ahead for Manufacturing

When it started becoming clear just how serious the financial crisis was going to be – when access to credit started shrinking, when the orders started disappearing and the payrolls started thinning – coverage of developments in industry were all lean manufacturing all the time. It was “streamlined this” and “automated that.” Lean, lean, lean. If the message started sounding redundant, that’s because it was. But it also seemed to reflect reality. In 2006, according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s Annual Survey of Manufacturers, there were just under 13 million peopled employed in manufacturing jobs, and the total value of all of the shipped manufactured products from that year topped $5 trillion. By the time the figures for 2009 had been released, which was at the height of the financial crisis, the value of shipped products fell by more than $500 billion, and the number of people employed in manufacturing jobs fell beneath 11 million. A recovery in the manufacturing sector would have to involve some adaptations to the new realities of the global economy.