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The Number One Choice for Mixing and Blending

Charles Ross & Son Company is the world leader in mixing & blending technology. In fact, Ross equipment is now the #1 choice for mixing, blending and dispersion in virtually every industrialized nation. We are known for innovative engineering, superb construction, and fast delivery. Our manufacturing facilities are located in the USA, China, and India.

Static Mixer: The Rainstick of the Mixing World

Instead of forcefully mixing materials, static mixers takes advantage of the chemical properties within materials that are suited to mixing without the need for force. I’ve decided this is similar to Judo. In Judo, you use the momentum of your opponent against them. This is why Judo consists of many flips and throws. As Judo exploits momentum, static mixers exploit flow and the natural tendency for materials to combine with nearby chemicals.

Tank Car Mixers Help Keep Trains Relevant

I’ve always loved trains. Even when I get stuck waiting at railroad crossings, I appreciate the chance to admire them for everything they are. I appreciate the unintentional duality of this simultaneously outmoded and futuristic mode of transport. I appreciate how the story of the technology’s development is inextricably entwined with my country’s history. And I believe that the reintegration of rail transport into our economy is likely. I admit that I’m taken in by the industry’s boasts that a ton of freight can be moved 500 miles on a single gallon of fuel when transported by rail. Trains are complicated and worth the energy it takes to think about them.

Admix: Twenty Five Years of Innovation

For over twenty-five years they have been providing customers with solutions to their hardest mixing trials and tribulations; they are Admix. As an industry leading company Admix is ready to provide a complete mixing system to suit mixing, blending and particle size reduction of all types. Using their advanced, state of the art facility Admix manufactures a wide variety of mixer products these include high sheer mixers, emulsifiers, batch mixers, static mixers and many more. If you can dream it, they will work with you to make your dreams a reality.

ARDE Barinco, Inc. Delivering Mixers to the World

Founded in 1952 ARDE Barinco, Inc. has a rich history of providing our customers with the solutions that they rely on. The industrial mixers that we offer serve in many applications such as cosmetics, processed foods and specialty chemicals; as well as serving in many different industries, pharmaceutical, paper processing and environmental are just a few examples. ARDE Barinco, Inc. boasts a sixty thousand square foot facility located in Carlstadt, New Jersey; from which we ship our products to our broad client base around the world. With representatives in places such as Mexico, Canada and sprinkled across the European continent, ARDE Barinco, Inc. will be there when you need us!

All Kinds of Mixers

Mixing contents together to make material that items are made out of is just one step for many manufacturing processes. Industrial mixers are huge and can mix large quantities all at one time. This is important because many companies need to put out a high amount of product in a short time period and this allows for that. Mixers are used in a number of industries some of which include the food, chemical, cosmetic and adhesive industries among many more. Mixing is a common first step of many in the manufacturing of products process. It often creates the material that will eventually be used to create part of a product or a whole product itself. Different types of mixers, mixing blades and rotation of mixing blades are used based on what is being mixed together. Depending on what is being mixed together some materials require constant movement, others require short mixing times or hours of mixing time.