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Premier Mezzanine Flooring Panels by Cornerstone

More than 20 years ago Greg Doppler, founder of Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products™, invented the ResinDek® mezzanine flooring panel. Since then, we have been leaders of research and development in the field of engineered wood floor panels for the material handling industry. Our goal is to help our customers solve problems through innovative designs and long-lasting durability. As a result, we perform extensive in-house testing of our products. Additionally, we send our products out to independent laboratories for a variety of performance tests.

All the Codes and Guidelines

When finishing the design of your mezzanine, it is important to make sure that it will meet OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) mezzanine requirements, especially if this is a workplace mezzanine. This will reduce risks for the employees as well as the employers as the mezzanines will be up to code, making them safe to use. Some of the more important regulations include fall protection, fall protection systems and guardrail systems. In the handbook they are found under “Duty to Have Fall Protection”, “Fall Protection Systems Criteria and Practices” and “Guardrail Systems Non-mandatory Guidelines for Complying with 1926.502 (b)”. Making sure your new mezzanine floor is up to these standards will help ensure safety around the workplace or wherever your new mezzanine is located. Further, if these standards are not in place OSHA is able to fine the company.

More Space for the Office

For most businesses, when the business begins to rapidly grow it is considered a great thing. They are able to expand the customer base, which can then lead to hiring of more employees, which can then lead to a larger profit. And in a capitalism based society, more money is always a good thing. However one issue that can arise with a rapidly growing office environment is the rapid decline of office space. With more employees and more customers, it is understandable to find yourself with a lot more stuff. And suddenly finding yourself without office space to contain it all can be a slight problem. For many businesses, relocating is the easiest solution. But for smaller businesses where there might not be enough extra funds for relocation, or perhaps there is not a good place to relocate to without forcing many of the employees to relocate as well… this can be quite the predicament.

A Mezzanine in the Google Store?

Recently, Google announced that it would be opening its first retail store in the Irish city of Dublin. You read that right: Google is opening a Google store. According to this Bloomberg News article, the store will sell “unspecified Google merchandise.” Hmm. According to the same article, Google is currently the largest producer of smartphone software. I’d be surprised if Google opened a physical retail location only to sell smartphone software to window shoppers. I won’t speculate about whether Google is planning to displace Apple (whose business model involves selling its products primarily through stores dedicated exclusively to the sale of Apple products) by selling its own brand of electronics from its own dedicated outlets – I just won’t. What I’m interested in is a key detail of Google’s announcement about the layout of the store.

The Benefits of Mezzanine Floors

What comes to your mind when you hear the words “mezzanine floor?” It’s likely to be one or two items on a short list of possibilities. If you thought of a balcony at a theatre or sports arena, you wouldn’t be wrong, nor would you be wrong if you thought of space expansion utilities in factories and warehouses. Both possibilities serve the same purpose: they expand the amount of usable space within an existing structure.