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How Metal Channels are Made

A metal channel is a piece of metal welded or rolled together to create a 3D shape, often in the shape of a “U,” “L,” or even a hat shape. These channels are a vital support in many forms of construction, including building framework, vehicle framework, furniture framework, and additional support for these products as well. There are two basic ways to create metal channels, and both are widely used in the manufacturing industry. Roll forming tends to have higher strength, but welding can be less expensive and easier to complete.

Applications for Metal Channels

Metal channels are thin, long pieces of metal formed into a particular shape of metal. Many metal channels are roll formed, using a series of highly pressurized rollers to bend the metal into the desired shape. This allows the piece of metal to retain most of the strength of the original metal, which could not occur if separate pieces of metal were welded together. Metal channels can take on a variety of shapes, from a simple U channel shape to a more complicated hat channel or Z channel. Each channel has its own specific uses, but you can find a variety of metal channels used all over the place if you look hard enough. Here are some of the stranger places you may find channels used:

M.P. Metal Products: Roll Forming Flexibility

M.P. Metal Products is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of roll formed products. We have specialized in roll forming since 1965, and with 35 roll formers we can manufacture many different shapes including metal channels, trim, profiles, framing, and much more. An extensive stock of common shapes allows customers to find simple solutions to their roll forming requirements, but custom roll forming is our real specialty. Dedicated engineers offer their design expertise, and we offer several value added services like slitting, punching, and stamping to assist customers in finding solutions for their unique or special applications.

How to Buy Metal Channels

The world of metal channels is surprisingly large. If you have never tried to purchase a metal channel, then you have no idea how many different selection factors are involved. Luckily, we’ve put together this little guide to help you navigate the waters of metal fabrication and can help you identify the best channel for your needs.

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