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Marshall Paper Tube Company: Custom Tubes, Cores and Mailing Solutions

Marshall Paper Tube Company has been meeting your needs for custom cores and tubes since 1948. If you need cores for your next production project or have to get a mailing out, Marshall Paper Tube Company is here for you. We have a variety of products including mailing tubes, fund raising banks, shipping containers, cores, custom printing, paint rollers, direct mail and woof plugs. We can also insert items, seal, label and ship.

Chicago Mailing Tube Co.: Premiere Custom and Standard Mailing Tubes and Cores

Chicago Mailing Tube (CMT) is an independent, family-owned company that started in 1902. We go above and beyond to provide the highest quality, efficient, effective and economical custom and standard mailing tubes and cores. CMT operates with all of our state-of-the-art machinery under one roof so we are able to provide exceptional, cost- efficient production capabilities to our customers and meet their 24-hour shipping deadlines. We even offer no minimum order to better accommodate our customer’s needs!

The Artistic Side of Cardboard

Cardboard products are all over our world. Nearly every form of product packaging uses some kind of cardboard, whether it is cardboard boxes, wrapping, or simple cardboard tubing. All of this cardboard packaging is manufactured by cardboard manufacturing companies around the world.

Endless Tubes: A Variety of Mailing Tube Types

A mailing tube manufacturer creates many different styles and sizes of tubes for a variety of shipping needs. Not all tubes are created alike, simply because not all mailed objects require the same level of protection. Some objects are highly delicate and require a large amount of padding and stability. Other objects are less sensitive, and can get away with a reduced amount of packaging. In a typical mailing tube manufacturer factory, you will find the following mailing tube types and more: