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Controlling Liquids with RF Sensors

A capacitance level sensor is a level sensor that operates off of radio frequencies. They are often called RF level sensors, as an abbreviation for radio frequency. They are sometimes also referred to as admittance level sensors. These sensors detect the level of a material based on the alternating current circuit that changes along with the level of the liquid or material. These sensors are highly useful for measurement readings where accuracy is extremely important, such as when measuring molten metal or other dangerous liquids or chemicals. A capacitance level sensor has a variety of applications, such as:

Save Money with Combo Switches

Level control switches are a highly useful product in many different industries. A factory uses a level switch to determine the level of a liquid or material inside a container. If the level falls below or rises above the ideal level for that container or substance, the switch can automatically alert a different machine to add more liquid, remove some liquid, or shut the system down completely until the issue is resolved.