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Gravel Pumps in Action

An industrial vacuum pump has a variety of uses in the industrial world. A vacuum pump works by sucking a dry material through a tube, usually as a form of conveyor to move the particles from one place to another. This form of conveyor is used rather than traditional belt conveyors for a variety of reasons.

The Wide World Of Wet Vacuum Pumps

Industrial vacuum pumps are used in many industries, and are central to how processes work. The dental industry, for example, relies heavily on vacuum pumps to do their job efficiently. There are two main different kinds of vacuum pumps, wet and dry, that a company can choose from for their business. The wet vacuum pumps are seen as more traditional vacuum pumps, and have been around a lot longer than the dry vacuum pumps. Many companies, including companies in the dental industry, have been switching over to dry vacuum pumps and there are a few main reasons as to why they are doing so.

Trivia Time: Vacuum Style

Let’s play a little bit of trivia. Are you able to name the person who invented the telephone? If you said Alexander Graham Bell then you would be correct, one point for you. Do you know who made the discovery of gravity? If Sir Isaac Newton came to mind, you would be correct again. Two points so far! How about naming the person who invented the first vacuum pump? Yeah, I didn’t think so. You end with a gentleman’s two points, nothing to be ashamed of. Get ready to add some trivia knowledge to that ever growing brain of yours!

High Vacuum Pumps Have Multiple Uses

It is difficult to imagine what it would be like inside a vacuum. I imagine it to be a desolate place where no benign organisms can live. It is almost like my worst nightmare. Even though I know that it would be impossible, it makes me feel extremely claustrophobic at the thought of being placed inside a vacuum. A contained space in which no matter is present, in other words a perfect vacuum, is impossible to create, but it can come really close with the use of high vacuum and ultra high vacuums. Industrial vacuum pumps are able to remove varying levels of atmosphere in enclosed spaces in order to create extremely low levels of pressure in enclosed spaces.

Industrial Vacuum Pumps Help Make Everyday Items

When I was eight years old I was called to the school office for a sight test. At the time I believed my sight to be perfectly fine. After the test the lady administering it asked me, “Can you even see?” I replied, “Yes, of course I can.” She gave me a slip telling my parents I needed to see the eye doctor. As I walked back to my classroom and sat down, I realized I couldn’t read the chalk board and I was copying a friend’s notes. On my walk home I realized I couldn’t read house numbers or license plates. A week later I got a brand new pair of glasses.