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The Power of High Pressure Blowers

Almost anyone can relate to standing in front of a fan or blower that had generated an almost breathtaking amount of pressure. They can be found in almost any setting: indoor, outdoor, business or residence. One may ask how is it possible to generate that much air flow from one concentrated device or what type of fan or blower is best at generating such high pressure. To address these questions we must know the fundamental differences between an axial fan and centrifugal fan, along with the difference between fan and blower. Both are similar, but have some differences and more desirable traits depending on the task. One of the two however is more preferred when it comes to high pressure blowers because it creates much more force.

High Pressure Blowers for HVAC and Beyond

Enduring the crucible of Michigan’s climate is a trial suited only for the heartiest of the hearty. The winters can be viciously cold, and the humidity of the summers can seep in through your ears and gunk up your brain. That’s why I was quick to act this spring; before the dew point hit the ceiling and I became permanently stuck to my couch, I went out and bought an air conditioner. After a few hours of screwing all of the parts together, mounting the thing in the window and plugging the gaps in the arrangement with plywood, plastic bags and bricks I found in my yard, my living room window became a picture of post-apocalyptic pragmatism. From the outside, what was a reasonably attractive façade is now an embarrassment – the fruit of an idiot’s labors. But darned if it isn’t going to be nice and crisp in my living room while the world outside melts into sweaty puddles.