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Pegasus Glass Specializing in Glass Fabrication

For over 50 years Pegasus Glass has been providing world-class custom glass tubing and glass rod products. Our company has grown from its start into one of the industry’s leading glass manufacturers, and has doubled in size and in production equipment for processing and cutting. We serve as a direct link to our supplier, Kavalier Glass in order to provide our customers with the best and greatest value around. At Pegasus Glass, our vision is to exceed expectations through continuous improvements and to continue being a global leader in specialized glass. Our team’s mission is to work tirelessly to serve our customers and push the limits of glass technology.

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A Hint of the Future

As we advance into the early twenty-first century, society is becoming increasingly concerned with the future than the present. It is rapidly becoming a common ideology to prepare ahead of time instead of panicking when time runs out; I know, it is a big step for mankind. If you hadn’t noticed we are still a few steps behind where we should be in some situations, with such catastrophes as: the planet’s decreasing oil supply and our failed attempts to find a truly efficient method of generating alternative energy, as well as the nation’s failure to generate an economic sustainability plan for the future instead of plummeting our economy into trillions of dollars in debt. Despite these inadequacies, there are some actions being taken to ensure some relief for the future, such as the innovative developments in building technology.

Glass Fabricators: New Trends in Glass Fabricating

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend a glass fabricators industry showcase. At the showcase, different glass fabricators demonstrated the latest techniques in glass fabricating and the most recent trends for the glass industry. Walking between all of the different glass products was both interesting and informative. At the event, there were several trends that were demonstrated at several different company booths. I took note of the most innovative and interesting trends at the showcase, which other glass fabricating companies can then take into consideration for future manufacturing and production.

Avoiding Cuts with Glass Cutting

This morning, much like any other morning, the first thing I did was look at my clock, groan and push the snooze button. After the second alarm I got up, put on my glasses and took a look out the window to try and guess at the weather for the day. After getting myself around, I had a glass of water, took one final look in the mirror and headed out to my car. The windshield needed washing, but soon enough I was arriving at my desk here at IQS and looking at my computer screen wondering what to write about this morning. While I realize that my weekday routine may be of little to no interest to most, what I hope to point out is that already this morning I’ve used or encountered glass seven times, eight if you count the glass door I used to enter the building. While environmental concerns often point out the pervasiveness of plastics, glass is one of the most commonly encountered and still overlooked materials. While this, like my routine may seem an insignificant fact, the glass cutting industry is crucial not only to our daily lives, but to our daily safety as well.

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