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Preventing House Fires With Pressure Switches

Practically every home in America has a furnace in the basement. These are either powered by electricity, oil or natural gas. Furnaces powered electrically are attributed to being more efficient and safer. I’m not sure what kind of furnace I have at my current residents, but if I had to guess I’d say my furnaces is powered by natural gas. Every place I have lived has had a cylindrical furnace which I used to mistake for the home’s furnace. I know now that those are actually the hot water heater. Continue reading

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Digital Pressure Gauges vs. Analogue Pressure Gauges

Every pressure gauge serves essentially the same purpose: to convert a reading of pressure in an enclosed system into a signal that can be read by humans or a control system. The differences between pressure switches are found in other areas. They are distinguished from each other based on their size, shape, configuration, what kinds of pressurized materials they are used to measure, their composition, their cost, their reading type (metric or non-metric) and many other determining factors that are more closely related to issues of specific application than issues of concept. One of the defining characteristics of a pressure gauge is whether its readout is analogue or digital. Continue reading

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The Functions of Furnace Pressure Switches

Furnace pressure switches are an important part of any furnace, both in factories and residential use. The furniture pressure switch is a safety feature placed next to the draft inducer motor. The switch prevents the furnace from turning on if the venting air pressure is not ideal. The switch can sense negative pressures created by the motor, and will allow the furnace to turn on or off, depending on if the correct air pressure is present or not. This helps prevent accidents like fires, overheating, and furnace explosions. Continue reading

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