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Unmatched Reliability with Siemens Process Instrumentation

Over 165 years ago Werner von Siemens started what is now Siemens AG. Siemens is a global powerhouse concentrating on areas of process instrumentation such as pressure, temperature, flow, and level measurement. Our company consists of around 348,000 employees in almost every country in the world. Furthermore, we operate in 289 manufacturing facilities and generated revenues of €75.6 billion in 2015. Our size allows us to offer an innovative portfolio of solutions to our customers worldwide. Makes Finding Liquid Flowmeters Easy

At we are recognized for providing fully stocked flow meters for liquid measurement distribution of Great Plains Industry’s full line of flow meters. We are an industry leader in the manufacturing of flow meters, and we make it easy to find and obtain information about flow meters by application. GPI knows how important a reliable flow meter is to customers in the field. We are on the cutting edge of technology and will our best to provide you with any GPI product you may need.

Clark Solutions — Precise Flow Meters for Fifty Years

For fifty years, Clark Solutions has been a supplier of pumps, values and instrumentation for a wide range of industries and applications. Our full product lineup of flow meters is designed to work efficiently with your existing system. We help you control, measure and monitor variables in your systems by creating precise tools that are tuned to your performance specifications. Our products can be shipped directly to you and our sales engineers are only a phone call away if you need any assistance with your equipment.

Providing Engineered Solutions for Process and Steam.

John C. Ernst is a leading manufacturer of level and flow instrumentation for process and steam control. The products we manufacture include flow meters, valves, glass gaskets, totalizers, eductors flow switches and level switches. Our flow meter sizes range from 1/8 inches to 8 inches. We work closely with our clients and help them select the correct flow meter for their applications. Our process entails writing a flow specification, which covers the use of the meter to help determine the most suitable meter for your project. Some of the flow meters we offer include vane and piston, shuttle type, digital totalizer for water and fuel, digital flow meter and totalizer for aluminum, nylon, and stainless steel, and mechanical & digital flow meters for threaded and wafer uses.