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Fun with Fiberglass

One thing that I have always wanted to do in my life, and something that is in the top five on my bucket list, is to learn how to surf. Something about just being out on the beach, and enjoying the sun and sand seems magical to me. When I think of surfing, California always comes to mind. I’ve only been to California once, but unfortunately for me, I am probably the least coordinated person when it comes to balance. I played many sports in high school, but skateboarding and other activities that required balance were never something I excelled at. Since balance is the basis of the sport of surfing, I doubt I will be very good at it, but that won’t stop me from trying if I ever get the chance. Continue reading

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Fiberglass Fabricators: Riding The Wave

I recently watched a movie about a young surfer who was attacked by a shark while she was surfing. She was an up and coming surfing champ from Hawaii, and so the fact that she lost her arm was a huge setback to her life goals. It was a feel good movie however, and the outcome ended up benefiting all the characters. Although this was a good story and an enjoyable movie to watch, it did nothing to dissolve my fears of sharks at all. I’m sad to say that is probably one of the reasons I will never go surfing in the ocean. Continue reading

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