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Ford Fasteners: Leaders in Fasteners Since 1963

We opened our doors 52 years ago and we have been leaders in the fasteners industry ever since. We remain devoted to our customers and strive to off only the best when it comes to quality products and premium service. Ford Fasteners works hard to maintain our reputation of having some of the best parts in the business and we do this by making quality and service our number one priority.

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Beautify Your Home With Brass Fasteners

Spring seems to be the time of year when people begin making good on the list of home improvement chores they’ve been ruminating over throughout the winter months. A close to home example of this project planning is the ever-growing list of things my father would like to get done on his house. He and my stepmother keep the list on their refrigerator and every weekend they tackle a new assignment. I was present for their latest job: changing out the doors throughout their home.

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The Nuts and Bolts of Fasteners

I had a middle-school science teacher who slipped on some black ice while driving home from a thanksgiving dinner. At the legal but fast 65 miles per hour, the car spun out of control, ran off the road and crashed into an unforgiving cement side-barrier. His wife, who was buckled in the passenger seat beside him, died instantly. My teacher survived but was severely injured, breaking several bones in his body. His left leg was particularly damaged, its bones shattered— initially believed to the point beyond repair. It was assumed he would never walk again and for a man who loved being active, the weight of this prospect crushed his already grieving heart.

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KD Fasteners, Inc. – Supplier of Quality Assured Fasteners

KD Fasteners, Inc. is an accomplished manufacturer with over 25 years of experience. We are capable of providing customers with over 100,000 different types of component parts. Our skilled engineers at KD Fasteners, Inc. are capable of providing custom solutions for those unique applications. We work hard to supply the most reliable products for a particular application while staying within our customers’ budget. From screws, nuts, bolts, fasteners, rivets and washers; KD Fasteners, Inc. supplies the highest quality products!

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4 Considerations for Fasteners

Many manufacturers have to determine what kind of fasteners to use with their products. The right fastener can mean the difference between a successful product and a product that no customer wants to purchase or use. Without high-quality fasteners, products will fall apart, the lifespan of equipment is shorter, and the cost of manufacturing increases significantly. This is why many manufacturing companies spend a lot of time and energy in the creation and selection of specialty fasteners for their products.

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Threaded Fasteners: Holding Things Together for 500 Years

In the simplest of terms, fasteners are connective mechanisms used to hold 2 objects securely together. Sound familiar? It should, because I’m talking about screws, those simple little pieces of metal (or sometimes plastic) that keep our world in place. Your house’s construction is full of them, as is your stove, bed frame, car, computer desk, and on and on. They are similar to nails in design and function, but have one main defining characteristic-the threading. Those spiral-shaped raised ridges that wrap around the shaft of the screw at an angle keep them in place. Most screws are considered threaded fasteners and must be rotated in order to move in or out of a hole, while nails that have a smooth shaft may be easily pulled out of place.

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