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4 Styles of Pressure Transducers

A pressure transducer converts pressure into an electrical signal. This occurs by a deflection of an internal diaphragm inside the transducer when pressure is applied to the unit. This process applies strain to the gauges inside the transducer, which creates an electrical resistance change that matches the pressure applied to the transducer. These units are used to measure the pressure inside objects and areas where the pressure rating is important. Pressure transducer suppliers create several different types of transducers for specific uses and applications that factories can choose from when replacing their current pressure monitoring systems. Continue reading

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The Translation of Differential Pressure Transducers

The main purpose of all styles of pressure transducers, including differential pressure transducers is translation. The translation that happens can be described in a human metaphor involving how the brain translates what the senses experience. This same sort of connection and translation happens when a differential pressure transducer is measuring the pressure in two different areas of liquid or gas and then mathematically figuring the difference between the two and displaying this information in a variety of ways. The key components that allow this translation to take place successfully are sensors immersed in the substance, usually piezoelectric plates or other pressure-sensitive materials, a tiny electronic device and a display system. Continue reading

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