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Durable and Reliable Carrying Cases from Plasticase

Plasticase designs and fabricates high quality injection molded plastic carrying cases that offer reliable protection. With light, medium, and extreme duty plastic for all work environments and in a range of shapes and sizes, Plasticase has the solution ideal for your application. We produce a large line of standard cases but we can also fabricate a custom solution for your needs. Our expert teams will work with you from development through the finished case. Customization can be done to any part of the case such as foam interiors, custom panels, case printing, as well as overall design.

Custom Case Group Builds Impact Resistant Storage Solutions

We provide reusable shipping cases from Pelican, Anvil, Zarges, and Wilson. Custom Case Group consists of Engineered Packaging Solutions (EPS) and SCS Cases. EPS handles customers in the Western USA and SCS handles customers in the Midwest and the East. Whether you need a complex one-of-a-kind product or a bulk order, we can engineer a case that will protect your equipment. No single case is perfect for every application. That is why we have partnered with a range of leading case manufacturers, using a range of case construction techniques.

Cases for Every Industry at New World Case, Inc.

Since 1991, New World Case, Inc. has been supplying a wide range of customers in the United States and internationally with high-quality stock and custom ATA carrying cases and shipping cases to meet all sorts of needs. We specialize in supplying carrying solutions to the tradeshow industry, but we also serve the military and government, biotech industry, sports industry, IT industry, and the engineering industry. Our facility located outside of Boston, MA, has the carrying solution you are looking for.

Years of Experience in Custom Carrying Cases

With over 25 years of experience in the carrying case industry, Carry Case Plus is proud to provide our customers with high-quality products and superior customer service that they can depend on. Our reputation as a family owned business is built on providing both custom and stock case solutions for a variety of industries and for a number of different applications.

Royal Case Company, Inc: Custom Carrying Cases

Royal Case Company is a trusted international manufacturer of custom carrying cases. Our company was started in 1967 by Zoltan M. Pocza Sr. and is located in Sherman, Texas in a 500,000 square foot factory and warehouse. We also have two other factories in China and Thailand. Our company is an industry leader in manufacturing custom cases designed to industry specifications and we offer a wide variety of products. Royal Case Company is continually finding new ways to serve our customers and improve the industry. Our company has provided many products for various Fortune 500 companies.