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A Scientist’s Best Friend

Borosilicate glass is the strongest glass on the market today, which makes borosilicate glass useful for almost every glass appliance. Because borosilicate glass sheets are stronger than typical glass sheets, they are more widely used due to their increased reliability. Borosilicate glass’s strength and resistance to thermal expansion (as well as high temperatures) coupled with glass’s trait of transparency makes it a viable tool for someone particularly in the field of experimentation, otherwise a scientist.

Borosilicate Glass: Superman Glass

How is borosilicate glass like Superman? Well, I’m sorry to disappoint but it can’t shoot laser beams from its eyes, it can’t fly, nor can it pick up girls with its dashing good looks- but it is very strong and heat resistant. No other glass is more innovative or cutting edge than borosilicate glass. I say this because this Superman-like glass almost invincible because it is strong and will not expand at high temperatures.