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NETZSCH Offers Years of Industry Experience and Leadership

Located in Exton, Pennsylvania, NETZSCH Premier Technologies LLC is the North American subsidiary of the global NETZSCH group of companies. With over 140 years of manufacturing experience, NETZSCH is a leader in the design and manufacture of batch and continuous processing equipment for wet and dry grinding and dispersing applications. Our products are used to process chemicals, paints, pigments, inorganic matter/minerals, sealants and adhesives, ceramics, and various biotechnology compounds. We can design and build solutions specifically for your application that will have a long and efficient service life.

Mixing in Batches

The mixing of materials is crucial for many manufacturing companies in order for them to make their products. It is often the first of many steps taken in order to produce a product. To allow for high volumes of mixing to happen at once, industrial mixers are used to get the job done. These mixers are very large in size as well are the mixing blades used to ensure a proper mix is accomplished. One of the most common types of mixers used is the batch mixer which is a mixer that allows for one batch of materials to be mixed at a time. In this process, materials are mixed until completion and are then emptied out and another batch can be inserted and begin to mix. These mixers permit for large quantities of materials to be mixed together at one time speeding up the production process. They can be found in use around many different industries including food, cosmetic, chemical and many more.

Batch Mixers: Industry’s Favored Mixing Resource

The term “batch mixer” is kind of an imprecise term. If you were to look in Google’s image search function and search for an image of a batch mixer, you’d see a wide variety of products that don’t really look like each other. There might be mixers with rotating chambers that look like the cement mixers you might see at construction sites. You could also see simple mixers that look, from the outside, like suspended hoppers or funnels. Or, you could see batch mixers that look like the mixer in the image above. There’s a reason why there’s so much variability when it comes to batch mixer configuration. The reason? The need for batch mixers is varied.

Mixer Direct: Dedicated to Making Business Simple

Mixer Direct offers a variety of options for mixing and storage applications. We supply over 270 mixer configurations, from laboratory mixers to large industrial batch mixers. Mixer Direct also supplies specialized equipment such as explosion-proof, low shear, high shear, or air-driven mixers. Mixer Direct is recognized for our ability to not only create outstanding mixers but also for setting an industry standard. Our engineers at Mixer Direct thoroughly test each product before shipment to assure maximum performance of every device. From the initial conversation to final delivery we work hard to make your experience positive and that all needs are met. Mixer Direct is a manufacturer who strives to make business simple for our customers.

Continuous vs. Batch Mixers

When it comes to industrial mixers, there are many viable options depending on application. Mixers can be classified into two categories; batch mixers and continuous mixers. Both have their advantages and can be used to mix concrete. Batch mixers are typically used to produce construction materials for interior and exterior projects whereas continuous mixers are applied in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries.