Choosing a Static Eliminator Brush

A static eliminator brush is one of many static eliminating products on the market and they work great for applications including copiers, printers, stretch wrap equipment, collators, fax machines, paper handling machines, and packaging equipment. Brushes are effective at reducing dust and particle contamination due to static electricity, which can prevent unscheduled stops and costly down time. There are several different kinds of brushes and mounting configurations to choose from. The following is an outline of some ways to determine the brush you need.

First, it is important to determine the length of the brush that you need. The entire width of the material being discharged should be covered by the brush, and more than one brush can be attached to the mounting bar if required length is longer than 48 inches.

Next, the anti-static fill material can be selected. Brushes that are soft and pliable use materials such as conductive nylon fiber, stainless steel fiber, and carbon fiber. These fibers are ideal as they are not hard enough to scratch/damage material surfaces. There are usually a variety of fiber diameters to choose from for these brushes and some fibers are more flexible than others. Carbon, for instance, tends to be more rigid.

Finally, the frame or channel that holds the fibers in place can be selected. There usually are both flat, narrow channels as well as u-shaped channels(these can hold more fiber) available. The mountings can be constructed by a number of materials including stainless steel, brass, and copper.

Most companies offer stock designs as well as custom designed static removal brushes and would be more than happy to discuss your specific situation and answer any questions you might have. Do your research and get the most out of the static eliminating products available.