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The Construction of Stainless Steel Mixing Tanks

Necessary in many industries, proper mixing tanks that are durable, efficient and designed according to high sanitary standards are vital. Chemical processing plants as well as a large variety of food and beverage processing plants, water treatment facilities and agricultural industries require the services of heavy duty industrial mixers. A stainless steel mixing tank is preferred because of all the positive characteristics associated with stainless steel. Highly resistant to chemicals and erosion it is the most sanitary metal on the market, which is why it is utilized in the stainless steel tank industry as well as others that require extreme cleanliness such as the medical field.favicon

Because loose or liquid items are being mixed in these stainless steel vats, the construction must be seamless and precise to avoid the loss of product and therefore profit. An alloy of steel, stainless steel is produced while in a molten state and then rolled into sheets of metal that are specific diameters of thickness, height and length. Since most mixing tanks are cylindrical, the stainless steel is shaped and welded together, since the welded seams are leak-proof unlike seams that are bolted together. Mixing tanks may be built to hold anywhere from ten gallons of substance to ten thousand gallons, depending on the application.

Stainless steel mixing tank designs are pretty standard. Most have four legs that raise them off the ground for space beneath to maneuver vehicles, containers or series of pipes to transfer the substance elsewhere. Sometimes the top of a mixing tank has a full length lid and other times only a manway, which is a smaller opening, is available. Inside the mixing tank there may be a variety of mixing components to circulate the substance within, be it a chemical compound, a mixture of grains or a juice blend about to be bottled. Ribbon mixers, static mixers and paddle mixers are the most common agitators, often controlled by an electric motor.

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