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The Many Styles of Stainless Steel Tanks

What is a tank? It is a clean and leak-proof place to store or process mass amounts of a substance; be it grain, a chemical liquid or water. Because there is a wide variety of applications spread across a plethora of industries, the designs for tanks are varied. One common element is the material most often utilized when faviconbuilding a tank; stainless steel. Stainless steel tanks are the most popular, regardless of the specific function because they are resistant to natural corrosion as well as chemical corrosion, easy to clean and incredibly durable. When your tank is made from stainless steel, you know that your product will come out of the tank exactly the same as it went in, unless it was put into a stainless steel mixing tank and then it will come out mixed but unaltered by unwanted bacteria or disease.

A stainless steel mixing tank is one of the most common tanks found in food and beverage processing plants. Equipped with agitators inside the stainless steel drum, these mixing tanks are designed to thoroughly mix a product and then be able to distribute it to another vehicle or container from its bottom. Dairy tanks are similar to mixing tanks except they are equipped with heat exchangers to safely chill the milk rather then various paddles to mix it up.

Another popular stainless steel tank design is the stainless steel silos. Often the largest types of stainless steel storage tanks on the market, they are usually found in agricultural contexts such as grain farms, although they are also utilized by pharmaceutical companies, chemical processing plants and water treatment facilities among other industries. Sizes of stainless steel tanks vary according to their applications, but the shape usually remains some sort of cylinder and they all tend to be propped off the ground by four legs for easier distribution of the product when the tank needs to be emptied.

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