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Protect Your Silos with Coatings

Although stainless steel is a highly useful metal with many corrosion and rust-resisting properties on its own, sometimes the base properties of the metal are not enough to keep the metal performing in the desired manner for extended periods. Many stainless steel silo manufacturers offer additional metal coatings that can help extend the life faviconof the silo long beyond the time in which it would break down without any special coatings.
These special coatings are designed to assist in a variety of different tasks and purposes, and most manufacturers will customize the coatings based on each individual factory’s need.

There are three main incidents that can cause a stainless steel silo to break down over time. Corrosion, abrasion, and chemical exposure. Corrosion occurs when the silos are loaded and unloaded frequently, which allows air and corrosive contaminants inside the silos. Abrasions occur when dry material is placed inside the silo. The particles scrape against the sides of the metal and gradually wear it down. Chemical exposure typically only occurs in silos that hold chemical products. The chemicals are highly corrosive and will quickly break down the metal.
Silo manufacturing companies can add specific coatings to a silo to help prevent these issues and extend the life of the tank. Each coating is applied to the inside of the tank to protect it from a specific issue. The coating used in the tank will depend on the use for the tank. Tanks that commonly hold dry goods without chemicals will need the corrosion and abrasion coatings. Tanks holding dry chemicals will need the additional chemical-resistant coating. Adding these coatings to a silo tank can extend its life by several years, saving a factory thousands of dollars. The cost of adding a tank coating is significantly less than the cost of replacing the silos every few years.

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