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What is Pirex Sight Glass?

Pirex sight glass is a special brand of sight glass that protects the wearer or user from dangerous chemicals, pressures, and high temperatures. Sight glass is specifically designed to provide additional protection beyond basic safety glass and safetyfavicon glasses, in extreme circumstances to add additional protection for the eyes.

Pirex sight glass is made from borosilicate glass, which has excellent mechanical, chemical and thermal stability properties. These properties of glass make them much safer for use around chemicals and high temperatures that could damage other forms of glass. Most Pirex glass can be purchased in tempered or non-tempered glass, depending on the specifications of the factory. Some factories may choose to use the extra safety features that tempered glass can provide, while others may choose to keep the glass in its original form for additional stability and temperature control.

Factories can purchase sight glass in glasses form or in sheets for protection for larger areas. Most manufacturing companies that create sight glass have a variety of sizes and thicknesses available.

For certain applications, factories can choose to stick with clear sight glass or choose coated glass types. Coated glass can reflect infrared radiation or other forms of radiation to facilitate the manufacturing process of other processes, or protect the viewer from the glare and damaging effects that looking at extreme heat can have on the eyes. Most glass can be coated with metal or another material that changes the base properties of the glass.

If you work in a factory where dangerous chemicals, high temperatures, or high pressure processes take place, then you may want to invest in the safety protection that using Pirex glass can bring to your factory for your protection and that of your employees and visitors to the factory.

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