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Air Pollution Control

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Our mission at Ship & Shore Environmental is to not only provide energy efficient, innovative, quality products and services, but to help our customers meeting the increasing demands of environmental regulations while enhancing productivity and profitability. We strive to meet and exceed all of your expectations on air pollution control systems, by designing and supplying reliable systems that meet the most stringent air pollution abatement regulations.

Ship & Shore provides a range of products including regenerative thermal oxidizers, concentrator/absorption systems, flares, energy recovery, recuperative thermal oxidizers, catalytic oxidizers, steam generating thermal oxidizer, condensing boilers systems, condensing economizers, permanent total enclosures, custom fabrication/collection system, and used RTO’s. And different services such as air pollution abatement system design, equipment installation, fabrication and assembly. We take great pride in providing quality products and wonderful services that make it easier on the customer, and by placing an emphasis on energy and cost efficient products.We are determined to provide unparalleled products and services tailored to meet your needs. By providing our customers with energy efficient management, it positively impacts a company’s productivity sustainability, carbon footprint, greenhouse gas emissions, energy security, and the first step is for manufacturer’s to become stricter to thinking greener! To read more about our energy efficient products and services, check out our website or if you have a project in mind, don’t hesitate to contact us directly.