Important Safety Gear for Sandblasting

Sandblast Media

When sandblasting, safety is a high concern. Without proper safety gear, all sorts of health problems can occur, such as irritated eyes and lungs, painful skin damage, or even increased cancer risk due to the exposure of inhaled irritants from the blasting media. Most industrial manufacturers know that sandblasters can be dangerous to employees,favicon and safety is often the highest concern in the factory. One of the best ways to prevent injury to workers is by providing them with high quality safety gear.

All persons operating sandblasters should have the following safety items for their protection:

Blasting mask: A blasting mask looks something like a beekeepers mask. The mask has an enclosed visor that protects the wearer’s eyes and mouth from any particles blasted inside the machine. The neck of the mask typically extends several inches below the neck for added protection along the neck and face. This kind of mask can have a tinted visor or a clear visor, depending on the particular needs of the factory.

Blasting suit: A blasting suit is a large, protective suit that completely encloses the body. The suit is made of a heavy material that can resist the particles of blasting media as they exit the sandblasting machine. Some blasting suits have extra protection around the chest area, while others have the same thickness of protection in every area of the suit.

Thick work gloves: Gloves are important to protect the hands from abrasions and injuries. Thick work gloves made of leather or a synthetic material are essential to the safety of the operator. The gloves should also be somewhat flexible to allow range of motion.

Sturdy shoes: Sturdy shoes are important to remain safe throughout the sandblasting process. Sturdy shoes prevent slipping and protect the feet from traveling blasting media.