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Sales & Marketing – Is There Really A Difference?

by Vince Kostelnik, Senior Marketing Advisor for Luftig Warren

Is There Really A Difference Between Sales and Marketing?

It sure doesn’t seem that way. These terms are often used interchangeably, and even though the descriptions have some truth to them, it becomes difficult to put these business functions in their proper place. So then, here is the problem: If you don’t know the real differences between sales and marketing…

… your sales volume with suffer because of it!

Luftig Warren knows these differences and can show you how it all fits together so that sales will be on the increase instead.

What Is Marketing?

Not only is there a difference between sales and marketing, but there are also 2 components of marketing that need to be understood and designed to work together in order to be effective. We call these the “why” and the “how”.

  • Strategic Marketing: This relates to how you position your company in the marketplace and determines what you ultimately say to your customer and prospects. This is the “why” part.
  • Tactical Marketing: This relates to executing the Strategic Marketing plan developed above — the tactics and the mediums you will use to deliver the message. This is the “how” part.

At the end of the day, the purpose of marketing is to generate qualified leads. Strategic marketing helps you determine what “qualified leads” looks like and where to go to find them; Tactical marketing does the generation. Both activities must be done, and done well to deliver qualified leads to sales.

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What Is Sales?

Sales is all about managing customer relationships. Someone has to respond to the marketing generated leads, find out what is important and nurture those relationships.

Someone has to resolve any problems that occur during the normal course of business. Someone has to focus on the “Key Accounts” that keep your business going while you grow. This is the function of Sales and the people who do these things well.

A good Marketing Plan does not eliminate the need for personal contact — Effective marketing does not replace the need for effectively managing customer relationships.

Ask Yourself Some Questions

  • Have you developed a strategy of how you will position yourself in the marketplace relative to industry conditions and the competitive landscape?
  • Have you determined the best possible avenues to deliver that position to all of your prospects and customers (your Target Market)?
  • Are your sales people doing what they are good at and supposed to be doing or are they trying to do the job of marketing?

Tying it all Together

Unless the Strategic Marketing issues are dealt with first —- it is absolutely impossible to do Tactical Marketing well.

And if Tactical Marketing is not bringing interested parties to the Sales people —- they will be wasting time trying to find qualified prospects…
…and your sales volume will suffer for it.

Don’t let sales suffer from poor planning

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Vince Kostelnik is a senior marketing advisor for Luftig Warren, specializing in strategic marketing development.
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