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A Little Rubber Tubing Can Work Wonders

Being from a colder part of the United States, we learn very quickly how, when you want to plant a garden, you really don’t want to plant anything before the Memorial Day holiday because you’re asking for heartache. That’s because up until nearly June (and sometimes even after) the chances of getting a frost or freeze during the night are significant. And when you’ve gone through all the work of planting a garden, you don’t want to lose all of your efforts to the cold.

But if you’re looking to plant a small garden or flowers before the end of May, there are steps you can take to ensure your garden will thrive in the event of a cold snap. Many gardeners sing the praises of rubber tubing in helping make their yards beautiful. You can often find such tubing outlining a flower bed, making a clear deliberation between the grass and the bed itself. But rubber tubing is also a great way to make a miniature greenhouse to keep your garden and its contents warm.

If you go to your local greenhouse or even a rubber tubing manufacturer, you can find all manner of kinds of rubber tubing to suit your needs. Most people who will use the rubber for the mini greenhouse will purchase the stiffer tubes, since they will need to be rather sturdy to do their job. This is because you can use the tubing to form an arch over the garden, spaced at a few intervals so that it forms a kind of dome over the area. Once you’ve placed the tubes where you like them you can water your garden and then you can drape plastic sheeting over the tubing. After you’ve secured the plastic – either by tying it to the rubber tubing or by staking it into the ground – you can let the sunshine do its work. Even if you end up having a particularly chilly day, the warmth of the sun will get trapped under your makeshift greenhouse and keep your plants safe.